A fantastic start to thursday!

I woke up early. LikeI think it was about 2 AM! But I had slept for 7 hours straight so I feel great!

I am going to ring my supervisor in a little while and ask her if she needs extra staff in the office today. I just feel like going in and doing an extra shift. I dont have anything else on today, and I know they could use the help.

I had a nice chat with my friend sarah last night. We texted for a while. I also had a little bit of a text chat to my friend lisa. I spent the majority of the morning sorting out some files on my hard drives, and reading emails.

I am feeling amazing! I have to say it feels nice. Its nice to be able to say that I feel good. My mood is good. My anxiety is at about a 3. Thats doable. Its not making me feel bad at all today which I am delighted about.

Its a great day! Happy Thursday!

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Happy friday!

TGIF! I am so thankful its friday!

I got about 3 hours of sleep. I feel good this morning though. I think 3 hours was enough for me!

I just had a really healthy breakfast! I had a fruit salad with yogurt on top! It was delicious!

I also just fed nitro! He’s a happy puppy now! All full and we’ve been outside as well! I enjoyed standing outside in the cool fresh air! My house is so warm, and it was nice to just be outside and hearing the birds!

Looking forward to going to get my nails done this morning!

I am supposed to work today but I dont think I’ll go in! I need a day off!

I just dont feel up to working! Im sure my supervisor wont mind!

What is everyones plan today? Are you doing anything special?

Have a great start to your weekend!

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an afternoon of Decluttering

Well I had a very busy afternoon, cleaning my house, getting rid of unwanted items, decluttering the place. I gave the house a good going over, making sure I threw out what I didnt want. Mom helped me to do it. I am so grateful to her for her help. Now I feel a million times lighter. It did me the power of good to actually throw some stuff out. I even threw out an old talking weighing scales, that had been sitting in my bathroom collecting up dust for years. I always said oh, it might work, I’ll just replace the batteries, etc etc. But I already have a talking bathroom scales which is in my bedroom, so why would I need two of them? It just doesnt make any sense. I also got rid of some of my old slimming world braille books, as we got new ones earlier in the year, and braille books take up a lot of room, so they had to go. I got rid of some braille magazines that were hanging around the house also. I just dont need them as I’ve already read them all. I even went through my bathroom cabinets to see what could be thrown away, and I found some expired stuff in there too. I also went through my food cupboards. I had to throw out some spices, and some other packets and jars that I’d never used but were out of date now. So overall a good tidy up was had, I was very productive, I am very proud of my efforts. It takes a lot for me to do this, as I dont like throwing things away, I tend to hang on to things even though part of me knows I might not even need them or I might never use them. I’m not a hoarder, but I just like to hang on to stuff more than is necessary. Anyway its all done now and Im feeling good. I’m also in a great mood as well. I think doing the tidy up has lifted my mood. Now I’m off to read some and then prepare for therapy in the morning. This time I wont forget or dissociate and not go to my session. There’s no chance of that happening!

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Guess what? We did it!

I made it! i did it thanks to you lovely readers!
I reached my highest number of views this week!
so thrilled! And I even went over by 60 views! wowsers!
Thanks everyone for helping me reach a goal! Yalls are the best and the bomb!
carol anne

What a great weekend I’ve had

so the weekends been great. i thoroughly enjoyed it.
yesterday I helped out at the food harvest festival. Its a local festival in cork city. The basement club opened its community garden for a couple of hours.
I was on the information stand, talking about shine, their work, and the work of the basement club. We had a good crowd of people coming and going over the 3 hours.
Another member was with me, and there were a few other members talking about vegetable growing, plants, etc.
The day was a great success. We had food and tea and coffee. I ate way to many chocolate eclairs lol. Afterwords denise the coordinator took us for food and a coffee. I didnt eat where we went though, instead I went to mcdonalds with one of the members, I wanted to treat the littles to a mcdonalds for being patient while I volunteered.
So I got them a double cheese burger and some chicken nuggets. That was the highlight of their day.
Then we came back to my parents house and watched x factor.
I went to bed early last night, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so exhausted.
Todays been less busy. I went home to my own house this afternoon after we’d eaten dinner. My sister dropped me off. My sister made buttered chicken for me which I am going to have for dinner tomorrow. I love buttered chicken. In fact I love all indian food.
I’ve been face timing with my friend sarah this afternoon. Reading, and watching x factor again.
Tomorrow is therapy day. Then I’ll go to the basement club after that.
I also had to do some college work this evening too. I had to do up my journal of learning. I had it all done and then my computer froze so I lost everything and had to redo it all again.
Much to my frustration and annoyance.

Have a happy Monday everyone

good morning guys

i am so happy this morning. it feels nice. i woke up feeling refreshed. i slept well. i went to bed really early last night and i slept. i must have needed the sleep.

i am looking forward to seeing eileen this morning. i am not anxious about my session, nobody inside is anxious either. we are all excited to see eileen. she is our safe base, our safe person. not sure what will come out of todays session but i am not worrying about it. i will just allow what comes up to come up.

i’ve fed nitro and let him out. he’s full of beans this morning. he’s bouncy and wagging his tail. he wolfed down his breakfast too lol. i’m just catching up on some blogs, and drinking tea. life is good.