90 KG

So I just went to get my 3 montly shot of trevicta. They weighed me and they said I am 90 KG. When I got weighed at my last appointment 3 months ago I weighed 94 KG. That thrills me that I’ve lost 4 KG in 3 months. I am so delighted about that. Its great progress! The nurse told me that the next time I get my shot which will be in December, I’ll probably have to go down to the smaller sized needle. She said since I am losing weight they’ll have to adjust the needle size as well. She said they’d be weighing me again at my next appointment, and to make sure that they did do it if it was a different person giving me the shot. When I started losing weight back in Febuary I was 104 KG. Now I am 90. Wow! That’s just amazing. Its the lowest weight I’ve ever been well in a good couple of years. Probably its my lowest weight since around 2006. Here’s to losing another 4 KG over the next 3 months. For those who want to know what 90 KG equals in pounds, its 198 pounds. I’m smashing my weight loss goals, yay. 🙂 😀 ❤

goals for wednesday

get up at 6
eat a healthy breakfast
take meds
go to vet with nitro
go see if things are ok at my own house
clean around my house with my mom
eat healthy lunch
text my supervisor about the art exhibition she’s taking me too
check email
read some of my book
eat healthy dinner
go to slimming world
bed early and hopefully sleep good

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Goals I completed today

Hi everyone
so my goals I completed today..I did really good. I got a lot achieved and accomplished.

woke up early
took meds
ate 3 healthy meals
cut down on how much tea and coffee I am drinking in a day
spent time with family
caught up on email
read my book
did some self care activities
Had some snuggle time with nitro

2 appointments this morning

this morning I will see my OT Mark. Its an early apt. I will have to leave at 7:45 to get there for 8:10.
We me and Mark are going to work on defining my goals for the next few months. Well this mornings apt is just a starting point, losely defining my goals.
After seeing Mark I will be seeing dr. barry. I hope I dont have to wait for too long, I’ll finish up with Mark around 9 and dr. barry is usually in by 9:30.
I wonder if she’ll add any more of my meds back this week? I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about, we ususally do.

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Fun goals for my saturday!

todays all about fun for me! so my goals for today will all centre around having fun! So…yes, here goes!

have a fun bus journey into town
have a fun train journey to Cobh
eat nice food, and treat myself because I deserve it!
Enjoy a long walk
Enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine!
Enjoy a browse around some shops in the town!
Enjoy a cool glass of coke in the local pub!
Eat a nice picnic lunch with mom
Most importantly, enjoy myself and have loads of fun throughout the day!

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Tuesdays goals

goals, goals goals.
my tuesday goals are just a couple of things.
the main ones are go volunteering, talk to my friend on the phone, call housing maintenance about my shower, take meds, shower, eat healthy meals, exercise if I am able to, read my book, make some cd’s for my mom, drop off some cd’s that i made for a woman my sister works with, look after nitro, give him his medicine for his ears.
I hope I achieve all of them!
carol anne

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