Goals update for Friday

so I managed to complete all of my goals today, yay. I’m so happy with myself.

I went to the basement club. Spent all day there. Had a lot of fun.

I ate healthily all day. I even brought my own packed lunch to the basement club instead of buying my lunch in the shop.

My PA came at 5 30 and we cleaned my house. She helped me by changing my sheets, vacuming the floor, mopping the floor, doing dishes, and doing some dusting and emptying the bins.

I was so pleased with the amount we got done. We were so productive!

I exercised, I read for a while, and later in the evening I went to my parents and will stay here now until Sunday.

Overall it was a great day!

Friday goals

Hi everyone. My goals for friday are pretty much similar to yesterdays. I am hoping to go to the basement club, for the day. I need to socialise with others, I fear if I dont my mood will just keep slipping, and it wont be good. I plan on eating 3 healthy meals. Plan on taking a shower, and also plan on exercising. Need to clean my house when my pa comes in the evening which is going to take a couple of hours I think. Then Plan on going to my parents for the weekend, until sunday afternoon at least. I hope to stick reading in there somewhere and watching some tv as well.
carol anne

Goals update

I achieved most of my goals today. the one i didnt achieve though was getting out of the house.
I need to work more on that. Work on actually doing it and not just backing out at the first sign of a low mood.
I ate healthily though all day. We had a lovely chicken curry for dinner with brown rice. My dad made it. It was so delicious.
I managed to read, and get in a nap. I also managed to do one self care thing, I took a bath. I went to my parents for the night, and they have a bath, so I was able to take a nice long hot bath.
I exercised for 30 mins. Exercise is getting easier.
I’m proud of myself for achieving most of the goals on my list.

Daily goals for Thursday

Goals for thursday are as follows.

wake up early, around 7 AM, shower, and exercise.
Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Pay my bills.
Go to the basement club.
Read my book for an hour.
Try to get one self care thing fitted into my day.
Take a nap if I feel tired.

Daily goals update

managed to complete most of my goals today. helped mom clean and she did some laundry for me and cut my grass. i helped her to unpack my belongings which i had collected from the ILS course last week. put everything away. i had bought myself a kettle that only boils one cup of water at a time so im using that now and mom took my old kettle home with her because hers is about to give up.
i’ve eaten healthy all day. exercised for 30 minutes. napped a little bit as well.
didnt finish my current book yet, i’m slow to finish it not because i dont like it but just because i dont give myself enough time to read, will try to change that as i want to be able to read more.
Going to slimming world later, and am hopeful I’ll be down a few pounds.
happy that I completed most of my daily goals though.
carol anne

Daily goals 23rd May

Goals for today are:

Eat 3 healthy meals
Help mom with cleaning my house
Go to slimming world
Start a new book
Exercise for 30 minutes
Make out my grocery list
Phone my social worker

Daily goals 22nd may 2018

I have only a couple goals for today. its going to be a relatively quiet day for me. my goals are to go volunteering, do some cleaning around my house, read for an hour or two, eat 3 healthy meals, exercise if i have a chance. And also to call my friend, go to the basement club, and do some sorta self care activity.