Todays goals!

Today I have only a few goals. Mostly my goal today is to get out of the house. After the accident and all I’ve been stuck in the house all week. If I wasnt in the house then I was running around with my mom and sister trying to sort things out after the accident. So today I am going to have some me time. I am going out. Going to the basement club. There is a recovery group starting there today. A holistic recovery group. I am also going to a meeting about us forming a social committee. My friend Norma is also going with me. She recently joined the basement club. So I am picking her up at 10:30 and we’re going down there together. It should be a nice day. So other than doing that I dont have too much else I want to do today. All I really want to do is socialise with others. If I can do that today I’ll be very happy and I will consider that an achievement.


Goals update…

I’ve completed most of my goals for today so I am happy.

I showered, first thing when I woke up.

I saw my gp. That went well.

I read a little. My book is good and I think I will become addicted soon lol.

I ate lunch, a nice sandwich of chicken and stuffing and a big fruit salad.

I havent been to slimming world yet but I am going tonight and I am hoping I’ve lost weight.

carol anne


Wednesday goals

Goals for Wednesday are to shower, eat healthy, go see my gp, go to slimming world, and read.
Am really hoping for a weight loss this week. I dont know though, I ate some cream cake the other day and I also ate a bag of crisps on monday night when I was waiting in A and E.
Only time will tell though, fingers crossed guys?
Hoping our medical apt today goes well also. We’re nervous to go mostly cause we have to get in the car to drive there.


Sunday goals!

I do not have many goals today! I am having a bit of a quiet sunday!
My main goal is to go grocery shopping! I need to buy food for dinner for this coming week!
My other main goals for today are to start a new book, shower, eat healthy, walk nitro, and prepare for therapy!
I hope I get them all done!


Friday goals!

Lots of things happening today. Plenty of goals to keep me busy!

go get labs done
eat something preferably something healthy after getting labs done
go to the gym
get housework done
go volunteering
pay bills

If I can get it all donw I’ll be delighted and then I can sleep well knowing I achieved it all!

Have a great day everyone!