Gloom and doom!

This word, gloom, has been provided as our word of the day,
this past week.
I must admit the weather is making me feel very gloomy. Its freezing cold outside, can you believe that when I checked the temperature for fort collins in colorado, where my friend sarah lives, the temps were warmer than ours here in ireland?
that is so unbelievable!
Its not gonna get any better either this week. Actually, we are set to have ice, and snow later in the week.
I won’t be going out anywhere if that happens, not that I’ve got places to go, but well, I do have a vet appointment on Friday morning with Nitro so that he can get his vaccinations, but if it snows, I wont be going as I live on a hill and so it would be hard to walk there and a taxi probably wouldnt be able to get into my estate to bring me down there.
My mood is very gloomy also. It doesnt help that my sleep is fucked up again. I can never seem to get it right. I sleep at odd hours, and odd times, I even sleep in weird places lol. sometimes I sleep on my recliner, when I fall asleep watching the tv or reading.
right now its 3 AM and I’m wide awake!
I have my weekly weigh in later this morning, and if I havent lost something the doom and gloom is going to get even worse. I’m so hoping for a good result on the scales, I’m praying hard that its going to be kind to me.
Fingers crossed as I need something to smile about!