We’ve got the same idea hahaha

My sister and me had a similar idea tonight. We both drank some gins. I only had the one, but she was on her second one when she texted me.

It was gin that I’d got for her. I made her up a gift basket for christmas, and I put 4 cans of gin in it.

We were texting each other for a while, since my mom was on the phone with her sister. So I decided I’d text with Laura.

We’ve been texting each other a lot more lately. She even sent me pics of Lauren and davin on christmas morning, opening their gifts.

We have become very close, and I am so grateful for the strong bond we have. It wasnt always that way for us, but as we’ve aged our bond has grown stronger.

I am so so glad, as I only have the one sister, and no brothers. Its nice that we can depend on one another.