sharing my world January 17th 2022

Melanie is our fantastic host for the share your world prompt! To join in check out this link below!

Fill in: If I were really completely honest, I would say that This is a question for radical honesty. What are the things you wouldnt normally say? Things you would otherwise actually hide? Whats on your mind? What would you really like to be able to say?
Most of the time I dont want to be alive! I feel desperate and hopeless and alone. I hide it a lot from others, though.

Have you ever broken anything? What about rules?
Yes. I’e definitely broken rules. Never broken a limb though.

Are you also afraid of spiders? What is your biggest fear, other than spiders? (if you’re not afraid of spiders, use your biggest phobia instead).
I am afraid of spiders, actually, I am afraid of all bugs. And my biggest fear is bees, and wasps.

Do you think time goes faster as you get older?
It definitely does! It just seems to fly by!

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Please share something that really inspired you from this last week or month.

I was really inspired by how my mom faced her new diagnosis of cardiomyopathy! She’s so strong and so positive!