Truthful Tuesday – This or that

Frank, aka PCGuy, has published another one of his Truthful Tuesday posts. This week Frank wants us to choose between two options. He wants to know what we would choose between…

1. Coffee or Hot Tea?

Coffee all the way! I’m a huge fan although I do also drink tea!

2. Soda or Iced Tea?

Soda! I hate iced tea! I like pepsi or coke.

3. House or Condo?

A house!

4. Pie or Cobbler?

Pie! Especially apple pie!

5. Cornbread or Biscuits (the US kind)?


6. Computer or Smart Phone?

Computer for some things, smart phone for others.

7. Hotel or Camping?

I love staying in a hotel. I hate camping, I am terrified of bugs and wild animals.

8. Swimming Pool or Ocean?

Ocean. I love the ocean.

9. TV Shows or Movies?

Binge watching tv shows on prime or netflix!

10. iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android (Samsung, LG, et. al.)

IOS all the way! I have both an I phone and an Ipad!