Lazy Thursday

Today was a lazy day. I chilled out at home for the whole day. Did absolutely nothing. Didnt even get dressed lol.

My PA Kristen came this morning. I told her I was taking it easy, having a sorta mental health day. She did some cleaning around the house and then she went to the local store and got us both breakfast rolls. They were delicious.

A man came to deal with my wasp issue. He couldnt really do anything, he was just a city council worker. But he rang and arranged for pest control to come out to get rid of the wasps. Not sure when they’ll be out but I hope its soon.

Kristen helped me label all of my dvd’s. That took a while. I have this gadget called the pen friend. Basically how it works is you have labels and you make voice recordings and put the labels on things and then when you rub the penfriend along the label your voice speaks the name of the item. Its pretty cool.

I decided to have a nap when kristen left. Ended up sleeping for 2 hours. Then had dinner. Now am at my parents house, spending the weekend here. Nitro is sick. He has thrown up twice now. I’m not sure what is wrong with him but I am worried about him. I hope he is going to be ok.

Well thats about it from here. How is everyone else?

carol anne