Internet trouble

i’ve had a night of internet trouble. i had to ring my ISP twice. My internet speed was so slow! The first time I rang a lady told me to disconnect all my devices from 5 G and use 2.4 g and she said it would be resolved then. I tried it, it wasnt resolved. I was getting awfully slow download speeds. So I rang them back and got through to this lovely guy, who checked my line, and said that someone had set the speed to high, and that my phone line wasnt able to take the speed that they’d set it at so he lowered it and he said I should see improvements immediately. And I did!

I hate having internet trouble. I am so addicted hahaha its not even funny! I need my internet and I hate when its down or gives me any problems!

I hope it stays working now!


Weigh in time! I’m hopeful of a good result tonight!

Its weigh in time! I am off to get weighed in!
I am so hoping for a good result! I tried so hard this past week!
Heres hoping it payed off!
If I am not down tonight I am going to be so disappointed!
My own scales is telling me I am not, but I dont rely on it, as I know its not totally accurate!
I have been drinking a lot of water, and I know when you do that your weight fluctuates a lot.
Please send me good thoughts and vibes for a good result tonight!
❤ thanks, guys! ❤


fantastic day in cobh

Well mom and me had a fantastic day in cobh today. We got the train there, we got there for around 11:30.

When we first got there we went to a little coffee shop, we had drinks, and a scone. I had a yummy vanilla latte and mom had a cappachino.

After our coffee, we walked to the park, it overlooks the sea front, we sat in the sun for a while, it was lovely.

We spent about an hour there, then we decided to walk around the town. So we walked around looking in the shops for a while.

I bought some ornaments, two dog ornaments, for my table in my hall at home.

We decided then to go to a bar and get a drink, so we went to a nice little bar, we sat outside, drinking our drinks.

We saw lots of tourists, and we got chatting to a group of american tourists, they were looking for somewhere to eat, we told them about a restaurant that is really nice, we were going to go there for food as well.

We walked there, and we were going to sit outside to eat, but the seating area outside was full up. So we sat inside, we had gorgeous food there, I had fiery fries, they had jalapenos on them, chilli, and mozarella chees on top. Mom had plain fries, we also shared a pizza, it was delicious.It had ham, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese on it.

We also got drinks, I just had diet coke, mom had an alcoholic drink, we were glad we only shared one pizza between us as we were stuffed after it.

After our food we went to look around a little titanic museum, I got to touch some of the luggage that was on the titanic, I also got to touch an old time phone, we had a look around the gift shop before heading back to the train station to head back home.

It was a fantastic day out. I am exhausted now. But so happy I got to do this with my mom. We made memories, and thats always so important to me.

We’re hoping to go somewhere else tomorrow. I hope we do. The weather today was awesome also. It wasnt very sunny but it was very warm still. It was just nice, not too hot and not too cold.


I wish I was my sister

My sister jets off to Lansarote on Saturday morning, I wish I was her.

I’d love to be going on holiday somewhere abroad. I havent been abroad since 2013, the last time I went to america to visit my partner Jess was in 2013.

I’d love nothing more than to be going to a sun spot somewhere warm, sunny and where there is a pool.

I feel envious of my sister. My mom has promised to take me places while my sister is gone on her holidays. We’ll stay local, but hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll go to the beach and some other places where we can sight see, take pictures etc.

I’m excited to do that. I always love taking photos even though I cant actually see them.

I’m planning on making my own fun. I can have fun too even if I am not doing it from somewhere abroad.


Snuggle time!

I’m snuggling with my puppy! I love him so.

He’s so cute! I wish he wasnt getting older. He’ll turn 9 in october.

I want to keep him with me forever! He’s such a loyal and faithful dog.

I never want him to get sick or die! I love when he clambers on my bed and nuzzles his nose into me. His soft breath on my hands and face feels so reassuring.

Snuggling with him is the absolute best feeling ever!


Nominated for another award!

Dr. Tonya at salted caramel blog nominated me for a blogger recognition award!
Thanks, hun! I so appreciate it!
Check out her wonderful nomination post here

I love getting awards! Its so cool!
So what is this award?


  • Thank the nominator, and publish a post on your blog about receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Make sure to provide a link to the nominators blog in your post.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award, and inform them of their nomination.

How my blog started…well, I wanted to raise awareness of mental health, especially of dissociative identity disorder, which is my primary diagnosis. My blog also focuses on therapy and on my psychotherapy sessions. But over time it has evolved and now includes daily living, recipes, quotes, etc. I had an old blog under another name but I deleted it and restarted using this one about 5 years ago.
My two pieces of advice would be to be real, and honest. Write from the heart. And write what you know! Oh and write often and be engaging! Respond to comments! Ok thats way more than two pieces, lol!

And I nominate the following bloggers for this award!
trina of its good to be crazy sometimes
emilia of my inner mish mash
kim of this girls got curves
angela of i am my own island
Bee of the bee writes
Enjoy and have fun!


Fathers day 2019

I’d like to wish all of you a very happy fathers day!

I hope everyone had a nice fathers day today, and if you still have your dad in your life, I hope he has a nice day too. For those who dont, I hope you can remember him with fondness and that you have many happy memories of spending time with him throughout the years.
As for me, my dad is still here with me, he had a nice day, I gave him a card with some money in it, and we had a family dinner with all of us myself, my sister, mom and my dad and my sisters two kids all together. It was very special.
I am very happy we got to make lots of happy memories today. It felt nice to be able to do that. My dad was very happy with his gifts, and I think he felt appreciated and special on his special day.