#Writephoto – I’m the winner!

Welcome to the #Writephoto prompt, hosted by K.L Kaley.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a red and blue chessboard with gigantic chess pieces on it.

Lets play a game of chess, mommy, matt said.

Ok son, I’m ready.

Matt got out the chess board, and put the pieces in place.

I’m going to beat you, mom, he said with a sweet smile.

I bet you will, she said, as I’m no good at chess!

Sure enough, Matt kicked his mom’s ass at the game.

See? He said, I won!

I’m the winner!

Now what is my prize, mommy?

Lets go to McDonalds she said and I’ll buy you a cheese burger!

Yay, Matt cheered, I love cheese burgers!

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