Guess whose in my bad books?

Nitro! He’s being a goofball!
He’s making an idiot out of me!
😀 He is pretending he needs to go out and then when I go to open the door to let him out, he stands there with a look of who me? Not me! On his face!
He just will not move to go out!
Talk about a dog who knows his own mind! 😀
I have to laugh at him!
At least he is making me smile!
But he’s really in the dog house tonight!
Or maybe its me who is! Lol!


I muse, and muse some more!

Let me chit chat
about what
I muse as I sit here
well, lets see
Lets muse, shall we?
I could tell you
How my days been
Shall I?
Well, its been so boring!
What about the weather?
Hows that been?
Stormy, wet, windy
Musing about the weather is always fun!
I could muse about my latest read
I’m only 3 chapters in
and I am already hooked
On this new book!
Oh but wait
Oh my, oh my
Look at the time!
Night time already?
Will sleep come for me tonight?
As I sit here tea in hand
I muse on that thought for a bit
Suddenly before I know it
The tea is all gone
I drank it
Ooooo shit!

One liner wednesday Thats my boy!

Nitro decided he wanted to be a tiger!
He wanted to eat the caller to the door!
He’s so precious! 😛
He ran to the door all excited, as if he was going to bite whoever was there!
Then he wagged that big fluffy tail, and ran out to investigate!
Love that boy so much!