I love My cute dog

so ive been having snuggle time with nitro. and I am loving it.

Isnt it cute how we talk to dogs? Like little kids? I’ve been talking to nitro, calling him all sorta cutesy names.

He loves it. He snuggles closer then.

All you hear out of me is “look at that cute puppy dog!” “oh look!”

If anyone heard me they’d probably think I am mad! But I dont care!

I love my dog and if I have anything to do with it the whole world is going to know!

Do you talk to your dog?

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nitro is so happy in the sun

nitro is just loving the sunshine, well thats when he’s not exhausted from it, but yesterday, I gave him an empty water bottle, and he proudly pranced around the garden with it in his mouth, teasing our dads dog biggie as if to say, look what I got lol. Biggie tried to then chase him, but nitros way too fast and can easily run rings around him. Well biggie is 12, and a little bit on the chubby side so…no wonder nitro can run faster than he can lol.
but he really enjoyed playing in the garden, he loves going to my parents house, as there is another dog to play with, and he enjoys that, and today my parents will be taking on my sisters two pugs, while she’s off to spain for two weeks.

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