A Late post for last sundays song lyrics sunday!


I am late this week with this post, but better late than not to do it at all, right?

This week, Jim asked us to find songs with these words in them, who, what, where, when, how!

I am choosing this fun song, who let the dogs out because I feel a little silly right now!


This song is so fun! It always makes me think of the year 2000, as that is when it was out!
Do you like this song? Its catchy isnt it?

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Snuggle time!

I’m snuggling with my puppy! I love him so.

He’s so cute! I wish he wasnt getting older. He’ll turn 9 in october.

I want to keep him with me forever! He’s such a loyal and faithful dog.

I never want him to get sick or die! I love when he clambers on my bed and nuzzles his nose into me. His soft breath on my hands and face feels so reassuring.

Snuggling with him is the absolute best feeling ever!

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