You cant see me so I’m not lying

My nephew is so funny. He’s five, and recently he’s starting to understand a little more about me not being able to see and he loves to tell me “you cant see me”.

Today we were sitting at the kitchen table. He was playing with a pen. He dropped it and went to pick it up off of the floor.

“I’ve dropped mom’s e cigarette, he said, knowing I’d probably get a little bit more excited than if he said he had dropped a pen on the floor.

He was right. I said very animatedly to my sister…he’s dropped your ecig. She then told me he had only had a pen in his hand and not her ecig, to which he then loudly announced to me, “you cant see me, and Im not lying”

Lol I had to burst out laughing. He’s so damn cute.

How would you end this sentence?

I have to admit to having once…

My answer?

Stole a bra from walmart. But I didnt shop lift it. What happened was I was visiting the US and my partner. We were in walmart grocery shopping, and I told her I needed a new bra, so we went and looked, I got one, picked it up and hung it on the shopping cart.
We kept walking around the store, picking up items, and eventually when we were done shopping we went up to the cashier to pay.
we payed for everything, but yes, you guessed it, we never took the bra off the cart, and so we never payed for that.
we didnt notice anything until we were walking out of the store. then we noticed that oh my god, the bra, we never payed for it, and it was still there hanging off the cart.
I suppose we could have gone back and handed it in but we were nervous in case we did that, and they didnt believe our story and called the cops.
so we just walked out, with a bra that wasnt payed for.
Its a fond memory now, but OMG i was panicking at the time, in case I’d be caught!

What about you? What have you done?
carol anne