frum darina ballerna, some joks

here ar som joks fir ya!
hops yu liks dem!
darina, age six

What do you call a tea drinking wizard? A sorcerer.

Why did spider man pick his nose? To get rid of the green goblin.

When does eating birthday cake cause heartburn? When you forget to blow out the candles.

What do you call a singing computer? Adele.

What does a house ware? An address.

Kids say the funnest things!

Convo with my 11 year old niece that took place today…

Lauren seeing me making a cup of coffee: How can you make coffee when your blind?
Me: I just can!
Lauren: But how come you don’t burn yourself?
Me: I am just careful!
Lauren: But you cant see! How do you do it?
Me: Do you think you could pour hot water with your eyes closed?
Lauren: No! I think I might be able to make tea but not sure about pouring it!
Me giggling: I dare you to try! No wait, on second thoughts, don’t!
Lauren: You can do everything!
Me: I don’t know about that!
Lauren: Yes you can! Your my amazing aunt!
Me: Awwwh youre a sweetie!

❤ ❤
And with that, I hugged her, grabbed my coffee and took it to the bedroom to drink it in peace!