Craft fare

This morning I am going to a craft fare. Its in aid of friendly call, so I am going to support them. I am probably not going to buy anything, but I will enter the raffles and try to win something. And you never know, if I see something I love, I will buy it. Last year when I went to this far I bought a lovely glass angel. But it is not required that you have to buy something. All funds raised from the fare go to friendly call. There will be tea and cakes and biscuits too. I think it will be a lovely morning. After the fare is over I have to go next door to the office and work for a few hours. I promised my supervisor I would. And anyway, todays my day to work. So I am all set! I am sure it will be a great day!

Fundraiser for friendly call

so I’ve been at a fundraiser for friendly call all morning. We had a craft fare to raise funds. It was really lovely. So many wonderful stalls selling handmade things. And free tea and coffee, cookies, and cakes. And there were schools, choirs from schools, singing. It was amazing!
I had a blast! I got a lovely pink glass angel. It is a handmade angel. She is really nice!
I love angels. They are my thing. My house is full of them!
Mom bought a framed picture. Its a picture of cork in olden times. A snowy scene. She loves photos. She said it was really cool and she had to have it when she saw it.
I bought a load of raffle tickets, they were giving out prizes of hampers. And guess what? I won! I won a big chocolate hamper.
Im meant to be dieting! Hahaha! But oh well. I’ll have to eat some of it now!
It was a great morning though. I think they raised a lot of money for friendly call. At least I hope they did. We’ll find out next week how much they raised.


Tech for the blind! go fund me!

So I have made a go fund me page. To raise money for the tech gadgets that I need, which are very expensive as they are specialised!
Can you all reblog, and or share this page with your friends? I’d really appreciate it!

thanks guys!


Hi everyone

So I am writing to ask for donations, I hope you don’t think I am being annoying. I will explain why I want the donations. I am fundraising for some new technology to make my life easier. I really want to get a new MacBook from apple. It would make my life so much easier. I have some money saved for it, but I need a little more, and I am going to continue to save but am also asking for any donations if anyone can donate.

Getting a MacBook is much cheaper than just buying a laptop, as if I just bought a laptop then I’d have to buy the software to make it talk, and that’s about 1000 euros just for the software, where as a MacBook comes with speech already built in to it.

When your blind, you rely heavily on technology. I mean, my phone, I literally use it all day every day. That’s just one of the tech things I use on a regular basis.

So, if you can donate to my fund, I’d be ever so grateful.

Im taking donations through paypal. My paypal email address to send donations to is

I really would be so grateful for any and all donations given.
carol anne

Sunday outing to the local hospice

today i went to the local hospice with my mom and my sister. there was an event on, a fundraising event.

you could pay 10 euro to light a light on their christmas tree, in rememberance of someone who had passed away. then all this month the person is remembered in the masses at the hospice.

the 3 of us lit lights on the tree. the event was such an amazing experience.

there was tea and coffee, cakes and mince pies, all free, if you wanted to you could donate, but you didnt have to.

they were selling raffle tickets for hampers, we all bought some of those.

i would definitely go to this event again next year.
It really was organised brilliantly and it was very very peaceful to be there.