The monday peeve: Fuck you scammers!

Paulas Monday peeve is all about venting, speaking your mind, and saying what it is that is currently pissing you off! So I thought, tonight, yes, I have a peeve this week so why not participate!
Check out Paulas post here!

My peeve is with scammers, yes, those fucktards that ring me up, from countries like africa, and the maldeeves, or tunizia, or Nigeria!
Today I recieved at least 5 calls. What they do is they ring you and the phone will ring once. Luckily my IPhone tells me where the call is originating from. Thank god for technology that allows the country to be displayed!
Anyway, if you ring back the number, you’ll be put through to a premium line, most likely a sex line, and it is then that the scammers take your money, and they take a lot and the longer you stay on the more they will take!
I’ve warned my mom not to answer if she sees nigeria or maldeeves or some other foreign country on her display. I’m not gullible enough to ring them back, but they sure do piss me off when they constantly ring, its almost every day now that I recieve a few calls.
I’ve blocked some of the numbers, but they’ll keep using all different numbers every time they call!
Its so fucking irritating and makes me so annoyed!
Have these people got nothing better to be doing?
Obviously not!