Omg such bs with my ISP

I cannot believe it. My ISP sucks. They really fucking suck.

I tried to create a second email account, with the ISP I get my broadband from. I have one email address with them, but I cannot remember my password to get in, as its a very old address. I also cant remember the security questions the answers to them I mean. I did set it up years ago, like 12 years ago. So how am I supposed to still remember that info?

I am able to get in to my email account now, but only because the password is saved on my computer. But if I ever have to resubmit the info on a new machine, I wont be able to do it. So I thought, to save time, I’d just sign up for a new account.

How wrong I was! I cant do it! I tried googling th einfo to do it. No joy. I tried ringing tech support, and after a very long wait I got through to some guy who didn’t even know whether it was actually possible to do this or not. He had to go ask a supervisor.

It isn’t possible to set up more than one email addy with this ISP service. He told me go set up a gmail account. Which I would, but that was also proving difficult for me.

I am beyond pissed. Its so annoying. All I wanted was to get a new email address, a simple thing or it should be, right?


Anyway, I do have a back up so will use that one for now. I should try to use the same password for everything shouldn’t I? That way I wouldn’t ever be stuck or locked out of places.

I’m trying to transfer all activity over to another account now, and gosh but I have given my email addy out to so many places, including audible, amazon, my phone and electric companies, my company who collects my bins, etc. So so many places to go change it at.

I’ll get there I’m sure. I’m just in a bit of a frazzled mood tonight.

Broadband wos

so I’ve had ongoing issues lately with my internet. its been acting up. disconnecting for a few mins, then coming back on again, this could happen up to 4 times an hour. not all the time, but every few days at least. so a technician from my ISP provider is going to come out on Thursday, thank god! im paying enough for the damn thing. I want it to work! my tv also uses the internet and it wont work without it. so hopefully on Thursday it will be solved. its a pain that it keeps going off! I depend on it and I need it. I need it to work!
Im just frustrated with it. I am also frustrated with the customer service people who answer the phone! The last time I called the lady only wanted to know if I am blind how do I cope? How do I manage? what business is it of hers? She’s supposed to be helping me fix my internet not asking me a ton of personal questions!
When I told her I couldn’t see colours and I needed more of an explanation she didn’t know what to say or do. She said well if you cant see colours then I don’t know what to tell you to do! Talk about having no disability awareness training! She obviously had no clue and so I said ok then whatever, and I just hung up.

Having a rant!

So I pay rent each week. I pay my local city council. They take it directly out of my bank account, a standing order, I only pay minimum rent, as I live in what is known as social housing, which means basically that I am considered to have a low income, which I do, so I pay a basic rate of rent.

So each week the rent is taken on Friday morning, my money goes in to the bank at midnight on Thursday going into Friday morning.

My gripe is not having to pay rent, I know we all have to pay for our accommodation and pay where for we’re living. My gripe is with the damn rent office. I got a letter yesterday in the mail stating my last 3 months rent, its like a sorta statement where it says what I’ve payed, how much etc, they send them out to you every 3 months.

I read it and decided I’d ring them to ask if my rent was increased. They have a habit of increasing it at the start of the year, but they didn’t tell me the last time they did it, and then I owed 150 euro before I knew there had been any increase, and I ended up having to pay extra on my rent for months to pay it back.

So the gripe with them is this. They don’t answer their bloody phones in the office! I rang the number on the letter, no answer, it went to voice mail, but the damn mailbox was full so I couldn’t even leave a damn message!

I rang the local city council offices, they put me through to another number, and nothing! No answer! They don’t answer their phones no matter how often you ring! So I’m like, what the hell are they doing in th e office? They cant be just sitting around in there surely?

It annoys me! So now I still am none the wiser! Its so irritating.

Well shit!

Woke up feeling awful! When will this shitstorm end!
I cant take much more of feeling so bad! Its waring, so so waring.
I ended up going to bed at 9:30 last night. I read for a while, I only read two chapters of my book, groomed, then I went to sleep. I did sleep, which I am glad about. I did wake a few times during the night though. I just lay there trying to go back to sleep and eventually I did.
My mood is still very low. I feel like bursting into tears one minute, then I am angry, I feel frustrated and I want to hit someone or lash out in some way. It feels just awful.
I hope it goes away soon. My sister is coming over later for dinner, with the kiddos and her partner. I am going to enjoy her company. I think having her here at mom and dads will take my mind off of how I am feeling.
I think my dad is going to take Nitro out for a walk. Maybe I’ll go with him. I need to clear my head. A walk will do me good I think.

Irritated with my friend

A friend just sent me a text at 4 AM. I know she’s doing badly so I didn’t mind her texting me. I was up anyway so what did it matter?
but then, then she asked me to talk to dr. barry and tell her that she, my friend is very low, and she asked me if I’d tell dr. barry that I was worried about her and afraid she was going to do something to herself.
Just to clarify, me and her have the same psychiatrist…that is, dr. barry.
I didn’t know what to say. I did not want to talk to dr. barry about her.
Plus I don’t think dr. barry would actually discuss her with me! You know like, I could say it to dr. barry that she’s low, but I doubt dr. barry will want to talk about it with me! And that is how it should be!
I told her this. I did tell her I’d tell dr. barry that she wasn’t doing very well. I am not happy she has put me in that position though!
She had an apt yesterday with the team, she missed it. It is not my fault if she misses her apts!
I know she doesn’t always see dr. barry though. And I do. So maybe she thinks by me talking to dr. barry for her that dr. barry will then do something for her?
I think she wants to go into hospital! She said as much to me in the text.
I guess Im just frustrated. Why am I always s put in awkward positions by her?
I think another talk about boundaries is in order!
She knows she should not ask, I know she knows as she said to me in the text, I hate asking you but…
Just feel so frustrated!
What would you do in my position?

Bad dog!

So this morning as you all know I had to go out as I had my dr. barry apt.

The taxi arrived and the guy beeped and I went to go out the door. I realised I forgot my key to my front door so I went back inside to get it.

Meanwhile the driver was on his way in the gate to help me out to the car.

Of course when I went back inside, I left the front door ajar. Nitro bolted out to greet the taxi driver, and then the little brat wouldnt come back in!

I called for him to come in, he ignored me. I tugged on his collar, he sat down. The more I tugged the more he rooted himself to the spot.

Eventually I somehow got him to go in! I was like so frustrated by this point!

Silly silly puppy! He has a mind of his own!

He’s so funny. I bet he thought if he refused to go back in for long enough I’d take him with me. I normally do but I decided this morning I wouldnt, just because I knew I wouldnt be gone too long, and I was getting a taxi directly to the door so didnt need him to guide me in.
carol anne