Trumps a fucking idiot

traump came to ireland last week. i was so sick of hearing about him on our news. everything was trump this and trump that. like he’s some sorta god or something. he’s a fucking idiot. i cant stand him. he’s a baffoon. A clown. I hate his arogant ways. He’s so arogant. So damn full of himself. All you hear on our news is how the US wants to trade with ireland, at least that is what he was saying. He met our taoiseach, thats our leader of the country, his name is leo varadka or however you spell it. He also met our president. they all had a big dinner in trumps resort in county clare. He has a resort there. and they made a huge deal out of his sons going to the bar and buying a round of drinks for everyone in there. stupid fucking idiots the lot of them. he was only here two nights but you’d think it was a lot longer there was so much hullabaloo about it on our news. He played a round of golf at his resort. He should just stay away. We didnt want him here. there were lots of protests, lots of people hate him and didnt want him visiting our country at all.

Spam issues not fixed!

I am still having issues with my comments to other blogs going into spam!
Please check your spam folders!
I have emailed a few of you but I don’t have email addresses for everyone! I don’t know why wp is acting up but it is! Its so weird!
I hope its resolved soon but, until it is, check your spam daily! Peoples comments could be ending up in there!

Wp comments going to spam

Hi guys
I am having some issues with wp I think. I think my comments some of them at least that I post on others blogs, are going to peoples spam folders. If you can check to see if my comments are ending up in spam, I’d appreciate it.
Its not cool! I don’t know why wp has so many issues sometimes! Very annoying!
If you can check and then let me know?
some blogs I’ve commented on tonight are
salted caramel
a guy called bloke and K9 doodlepup
the bag lady
my inner mish mash

Please check for me! Thanks!

Still have no shower

Well the tilers came, and went, and came back again.
They did about 20 minutes work, and now they’re gone. They’re coming back this afternoon, I wanted the work to be finished to day, and I think it will be. But the guy who spoke to me said that I cant have a shower today. The tiles need to dry first. So boohoo no shower. I will have to go out with dirty hair, and feeling icky.
I am not happy about that, but there really is not much I can do about it.
But hoping by this time tomorrow my new shower will finally be in and I will be able to enjoy it!
The process of having it installed has been a slow and hard one. I have no patience so I am just like, do it and do it now! Get it over with and let me take a shower!
Oh well, it is what it is, I will just have to wait a little longer.

No show

So the damn plumber never showed up today. I had doubts they would. And the electrician said that it was doubtful they would either. So when he said that I started to worry. But he was right. No plumber came. Now I am not sure if they’ll show up tomorrow morning either. I hope they will, but you just never know. The electrician didnt seem to think the work on my shower would be done tomorrow, he
said they rarely do work like that on Fridays. I hope he’s wrong. Either way, even if they do the work tomorrow, he has to come back to finish it off, and he wont be coming back until the middle of next week, which means, that I am without a shower for a few days. I guess I’ll be body washing in the sink, lol. Anyway its pretty disappointing that the plumbers never showed up today. I was waiting for them to come, I got all nervous hthinking they’d be here and wondering how I’d do with them being in my house. Its too late now for them to come, as they finish work at four PM and its now gone 5 PM. Oh well. I will hope for a better outcome tomorrow morning, wait and see, they’ll probably turn up at 8 AM when I am barely awake.


Something that irritates me

So I read audiobooks a lot. When I read audio books, if the reader is bad, then I cant get into the book. Does anyone else read audiobooks? Do you find if you have a reader whose annoying, that you just dont want to finish the book?
Right now I am reading a dark secret, which is Casey watsons newest book, she’s a foster parent who writes about her foster kids. The reader of her books is Kate Locke, and she’s awful. She’s screechy, does terrible voices for the characters, is very slow at reading, and I just cant stand her.
It makes it so hard to get through the book. I started it a week ago, and normally I’d fly through these sort of books, but I am really really struggling to read it. I am only on chapter 8. I will probably finish it, but it might take me a while to do it.


No go!

So I’ve been trying to get my niece to listen and sleep in my bed tonight, and let me sleep in the upstairs bedroom, which is actually the attic which has been converted into a bedroom.
She’s having none of it though. She wants to sleep up stairs.
But she doesn’t want my mom to sleep upstairs with her and her brother. Unfortunately though mom has to, since her brother is only six and if he wakes during the night, is likely to fall if he tries to go down the stairs, which are really steep.
She’s 11, so that little bit older, and is less likely to wake up during the night.
I said I’d go upstairs to sleep tonight if they wanted me to. I didn’t mind, but no, its a no go. She’s determined to sleep up there.
So what can you do?