#5 things-5 favourite fall fruits!

Dr. Tonya has asked us to name our 5 favourite fall fruits this week for her #5 things prompt!

Melon…I love honey dew melon. I buy them every week, I just love them, they are so juicy and so tasty!
Apples…Great for making apple tart! Or apple crumble!
Pears…A real treat when they are ripe!
Pineapple…I love fresh pineapple, and its even great on pizza! Yum!
Berries! I know these are really a summer fruit, but I eat them in fall all the time, as I eat them on my cerial in the morning, I have blueberries, or strawberries on my cerial! Delish!

What about you, what are some of your favourite fall fruits?