A good day

i had a hectic day today. this morning i went to a workshop at the basement club. it was a womens health and wellbeing workshop. i liked it and found it interesting. but this weird thing happened. the teacher who was teaching it, i knew her. years ago, like 15 years ago we did a course together. i instantly remembered her as soon as she came into the room and spoke. she remembered me too. still it didnt change anything but it was just weird to reconnect again after so long. we talked a lot about different things all to do with womens health, physical, emotional, mental, and we also talked about society and womens role in society. a lot of intense discussion came from that. the workshop lasted 2 hours. at the end we each got a small gift of some nail polish, hand cream, and a nice card with a saying on it. it was a nice way to spend a saturday morning. in the afternoon my sister did my hair. she cut it and put a color in it. i’ve decided that when this color wares off i am going to liven up my hair. i want to maybe put red or pink or purple streaks in it. my sister says i will have to bleach it blonde first because the bright colors wont take on very dark hair. i’m willing to sit through that. she also said the colors dont last very long onnly a couple of weeks before you have to redo it again. thats ok with me too. i was glad to get my hair cut because there were straggly bits and now it looks nice again. my sister cooked dinner for all of us too today. i had gotten the ingredients to make a chicken stir fry. it was so yummy. my dad didnt like it because of the seasoning she put on it but the rest of us ate it and loved it. after dinner i went to my friend Normas house. Norma is blind and also has some mental health issues too. my sister dropped me over to save me getting a taxi and spending more money. that was nice of her. i spent a couple hours there which was nice. norma doesnt have too many friends and i think thats sad. she doesnt go out much so doesnt get to socialise a lot with too many people. i’m staying at my parents tonight. i just got back to their house about half an hour ago and got a surprise, my nephew was here and he’s spending the night which is really unusual because he’s such a mamas boy that usually he cant bare to be without her. tomorrow my sisters coming for dinner and then i am gonna help her with her college work. she needs stuff typed up and i said i’d do that for her. i hope it wont take hours but i’ve already said i’d do it so i guess i will even if it does take a long time. right now my energy is depleted. but i’ve had a pretty ok day.