Friendly fill ins week 167

This week I am participating in friendly fill ins. The prompt asks you to answer some questions, so I shall do them and give them a go!
The questions are below!

Doing prompts and blog challenges sparks my creativity.

bad dreams and ptsd thoughts keeps me up at night.

I only just recently learned how to take photos with my I phone!


Friendly fill ins

I am participating in the friendly fill ins prompt this week, which is hosted by four legged furballs and 15 and meaowing.

1. I am able to fight but I won’t. I hate fighting and to be honest it scares me.

2. I won’t ever eat kael again. Its nasty!

3. The current chapter of my life would be titled Carol anne, brave and courageous!

4. I’ve been meaning to buy some cards to post to friends, but haven’t yet.


Friendly fill ins!

I am participating this week in the friendly fill ins prompt that four legged furballs runs. Below you’ll find the questions and my answers.

check out four legged furballs blog below!

1. I hope my bank never goes out of business.

2. So far, the highlight of my year has been my birthday weekend in Killarney!

3. Worry about things you cant change takes up too much time.

4. If I didn’t have to sleep, I would spend that extra time reading!


Friendly fill ins

I am participating in friendly fill ins this week. this challenge is hosted by four legged furballs and 15 and meowing!

1. If it wasn’t for Nitro, I would feel so lost.

2. _________ before I lost weight, I felt very unhappy with the way I looked.

3. Texting and emailing is my preferred method of communication.

4. You can’t buy happiness, everyone knows that but I really believe it, there is so much more to life than material things.


Friendly fill ins week 141

This week I am participating in the friendly fill ins challenge, I dont have the hosts links to hand, but if you google friendly fill ins I am sure you’ll find them on wordpress.

So here are the 4 questions that we are challenged to answer.

1. I get to take a long, bubble bath this weekend! Now that is what I call a little piece of heaven!

2. So far, 2019 is full of work and studying! I need a vacation already!

3. I will never tire of snuggling with our pets. Its such a good feeling to feel their fur and warmth.

4. Can you believe that its almost february? I cant! Time is just flying by!


Friendly fill-ins week 129

Well, I decided to participate in this little challenge this week so here goes.
1. One can make life a lot more pleasant for everyone by being kind, and smiling.
2. Given the choice of living with pets or having a spotless house, I would choose my pets every single time…cuz, I rather live in a mess with my furbaby than care about cleanliness.
3. Walking our dogs makes me feel full of joy. My dog is a speed walker, he keeps me fit and in shape. And I love him to bits.
4. I never go a day without texting or using th e internet.


Friendly fill ins

I am participating this week in friendly fill ins hosted by

Four-legged furballs

and 15 and meowing.


The questions for this week are:



1. I have faith in my guide dog nitro to keep me safe. He has been my loyal companion for 6 years.


2. Yesterday, I went volunteering and I had a lot of fun.
3. My favorite place to be is by the ocean or else in the sun.
4. If I was granted one wish, it would be health and happiness.