Friendly call

just got done with my shift on friendly call. it went well.

i got a ride to my volunteer job today so that saved me on taxi fares. brenda went home early though. she wasnt feeling very well.

there are 3 of us on duty. i got through all of my list fairly fast. everyone was mostly doing ok. it was actually quite uneventful today which I am glad about.

I will be shutting down my PC soon and calling a taxi to take me back to mom and dads. I am starving so need to eat soon as I can.

I hope everyone is having a good friday so far.
carol anne


Am now home

Dinner is eaten. I am relaxing in front of the tv.

My shift went well. I was very busy all afternoon. I had a ton of people to call. More than usual.

I was able to get through to almost everyone. So thats positive.

One lady was very suicidal. That upset me a lot. She’s very ill and she said she feels hopeless. She said she prays to her dead parents to just let the pain end. Very upsetting stuff.

Another lady today wanted to know everything about me. Asked me if I was married, she was trying to match me up with other friendly call volunteers, she wanted to know how old I was, all sort of things she was asking. I didnt know whether I should be telling her, but Brenda said I could tell her some stuff, just what I feel comfortable telling her.

She just wanted to chat. She is really pleasant. And she can talk for ireland! lol!

Anyway, I got a ride home so all is good. I’m happy with how the day went.
carol anne


Starting my friendly call shift

just got to my volunteer job. brenda who is my supervisor picked me up. there was another lady in the car with us, and anothe r volunteer, the lady had an annurism a few years ago and some damage was done to her brain from it. she refuses to take her meds, and now she thinks her family are plotting against her. brenda had been visiting her today and she got really upset so brenda asked a volunteer to take her out for a coffee. she seemed less upset on the drive to the coffee shop so that is good. im ready to start taking calls now, am just waiting for brenda to send the list of my calls to me.
I had a ride home too so that is good. Trish who works here in the admin side of the office is going to give me a ride home. We’re going to leave a little earlier so she can drop me off.
Well, I’d better go, and let my friendly call shift begin!


volunteer shift

I just finished my shift on friendly call. I enjoyed it.
I had a list of about 30 clients to call. All of my calls went very well. Everyone was in good spirits.
So many of the clients thanked me and said how much they appreciated the call. Its heartening to hear it.
The time goes so quick once I start my shift. I spend about 10 to 15 mins on most calls. Well sometimes people dont engage and dont want to talk a lot. But overall they do engage and talk to me once I get them started.
I am Two weeks into the new routine of tuesdays thursdays and fridays and I am still loving every second of it.
In a few minutes I will go home, and have dinner, then I can relax for the evening.
carol anne


Volunteering today

I’m at my volunteer job at moment.
I just rang a bunch of people for friendly call. It was nice to get to speak to so many nice people, they were all in good moods, and a lot of them were thanking me for phoning them and checking in with them.
I’m taking a coffee break now before starting on some other office type work. The office is very busy today, there are a bunch of us in and we’re all chattering on to one another.
The other girl who works here who has a disability here name is Aoife she is in a wheelchair is sitting across from me, she makes the hand made birthday and christmas cards for clients. We’re having a nice chat to each other.
This volunteering is so good. I love it. I love coming here each week.
My supervisor just told me about an art exhibition for the blind that is on in our local university, she offered to take me next week if I’d like to go. I said I’d love to go. So will probably do that next week or the week after. She told me to ask Norma if she wants to also go to it so I will do that tonight.
carol anne


friendly call

I just finished a shift on friendly call. It was my first real shift as before I was only doing it as a favour for my supervisor when they were stuck, however, this was a real shift, I got a list of clients to call and check up on.
It went really well. I had a lot of fun and the clients are all so nice. Well most of them are. There was one today who was really grumpy and no matter what I tried to say to cheer him up it didnt work.
I’m still at the cork city partnership offices now, I’ll stay here for another hour or so. I’m going to go make myself a cup of coffee now, I think I deserve it after all that.


<3 yay so happy <3

i have good news! i got a full time position with the friendly call service! my supervisor came and asked me if i wanted to do it full time! well ok 3 days a week but its almost full time. i was thrilled! i jumped at the chance. so from now on i’ll be going in as normal on tuesday afternoons, and i’ll also be doing thursdays and fridays. i’ll have my own list of clients that i will call each day. my shifts on thursdays and fridays will be from 2 pm to 5 pm. im already vetted since last year when i started volunteering for the partnership so i dont have to wait for my vetting and background checks to come in! i am so delighted. this is a terrific opportunity. im part of the team now for real! yay! ❤ so happy! 😀
carol anne