Early finish

So I finished up early today at work! I was delighted! I went in at 11, because my PA was finished all of my house work. She asked me if I wanted to get a cab with her, she payed for it. I said ok, it saved my supervisor a journey as she’d have had to pick me up.

I only worked for an hour and a half! I had about 25 people to call. I didn’t get a few of them but I got through to most of them.

After I got done one of the girls in the office dropped me to my moms, as my supervisor was gone to one of our clients funerals, the one who died over Christmas.

It was a good shift though. All of the clients were in very good spirits.

Working over christmas

I am working a lot this week. I am helping brenda out, brenda is my supervisor. She is short staffed, so I helped her out this morning. I worked for 3 hours this morning. I also worked yesterday afternoon but that was my regular shift. I am working tomorrow and on friday also. I dont mind. The office closes on Friday afternoon but we’ll continue to make calls over the whole christmas holiday period. I will just work from home for a few hours each day over christmas and the new year. I will have about 12 to 15 clients to call. There are 10 of us working it. I’m happy to do it. Some of our clients wont see anybody over the holidays so they are depending on our call. I’m happy I’m able to help.

Too early for me!

Omg its freezing this morning!
I woke up far too early lol!
I have work at 10 AM! I tried to book a taxi on credit, as I normally would do, but the firm I wanted to use was all booked up.
So now it means, I have to pay for one to get there!
My supervisor would have picked me up, but she has a dental apt this morning!
I hope I’m only working for a few hours!
I went to my parents house last night, for Christmas! I wont go home until after the 1st of Jan!
Well off to go wash my hair and make myself look presentable for work!

Well rested!

Its been a sleepy sort of afternoon. I rested a lot. I just felt so tired. I didnt mind, I wasnt doing anything else so I was able to relax. Now I am waiting for my PA to get here. When she does I need to send her to the store. I want to get some pepsi, I am craving it.

The kids are excited to get pepsi. Taylor will probably make a video later. She really wants to do that this evening. She likes to make videos.

I didnt go to work today. I will work tomorrow afternoon. There is a lunch tomorrow at work for a colleague who left our office. I’m not sure I can make it but I will try. I really liked this girl, she is lovely and we got along really good.

At least I feel rested now, thats something at least.

A lovely afternoon

So the christmas party for friendly call was today as you all know. It was fab! I had so much fun at it!

We went to a hotel for a christmas lunch. The food was amazing!

We had turkey, ham, mashed potatos, gravy, stuffing, brussels sprouts and carrots. Then for dessert we had christmas pudding with cream. It was absolutely gorgeous.

There was music, nice easy listening music, and some of our clients even got up to sing. We also had a guest artist, a 15 year old girl who was a winner of the junior eurovision contest in ireland. She sang two songs and oh my but she was so amazing!

There was also a raffle and everyone got a prize! I won some hand cream! It smells so good! I enjoyed winning a prize.

It was a lovely afternoon of good food, good conversation and fun. I even met some of the clients who I hadnt met before. One lady even asked especially if she could meet me which was so nice.

I got home around 6 and have been chilling out since then. I face timed with my friend sarah, that was nice. She’s been feeling depressed and she said our chat helped her to feel better. Thats awesome. I’m happy I could make her feel good again.

Have a migraine so, No work for me

Well I have a bad migraine this morning. I woke up with it. I hate migraines! I hope this one wont last the entire day!

I’m not going in to work. I told my supervisor and she was fine with it. I know if I go in the headache will just get worse. What I need to do now is just lie down in a dark room and sleep it off.

I hope its gone by this evening, so I can still go to slimming world for my weekly weigh in.

I got an A on my 3rd module!!

The results of my 3rd module are up on canvas. We had four modules in total for our course. The 3rd one I just finished in late October. For that module, I had to do a poster presentation and a learner log which was 800 words in length. I chose to do my poster presentation on friendly call and on isolation and loneliness, and I did my learner log on what it was like to work on friendly call. I just checked my result and I got an A for both the presentation and I also got an A for my learner log!
I am so very proud of myself! I put in a lot of work into both the presentation and learner log!
That means I will get a 1-1 first class honour in the overall course, as I have all A’s in the 3 modules, and I am hoping this last presentation I did today, for the fourth and final module, I am hoping to get an A on that too!
What a great way to end the night! I can go to bed happy! I am so elated!
This is the best news ever!
❤ ❤ 😀