volunteering and christmas party!

Am at the office now volunteering. My shift is going well! I am enjoying it! A lot of my clients arent answering their phone though! I always get nervous when people dont answer! I wonder if that means they are not ok! I hope I am wrong!
Tomorrow it is our christmas party for friendly call! We’ll have a dinner and some music and some raffles. All of the volunteers had to buy gifts, we had to buy two or three items each to raffle off! I bought some bath stuff and lip glosses and chocolates! I think all of the clients will end up getting a present!
I am excited to go to the party! I think it will be fun!
Well I’d better get back to work! I still have about 10 calls to make! And its almost 4 PM now! So I’ll be heading home soon!

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Doing the radio documentary

so today we did the documentary for the radio, the one that is featuring the work of friendly call, it was myself, my supervisor and two other volunteers. Two producers came from the national broadcaster in ireland, RTE, and interviewed us. It was really cool. They were very nice and they did a great job. We all got to talk about the work we do. We got to tell them a little about ourselves and how long we’ve been volunteering, and what brought us to be doing it. Then they asked us about the work and the clients and stuff. It is going to be broadcast the week of the 17th to 21st of december. The producer told my supervisor she’d text her the date when we’d be featured, it will be available to listen to online on the podcast so when I know more I will let you all know so maybe some of you can listen to it.
I am very happy with how my interview went. I wasnt even nervous. The girl interviewing us really put me at ease!
I am glad we did it. I am glad that friendly call is getting lots of exposure. They deserve that.

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Radio documentary

So today my supervisor in friendly call got a call from the local radio broadcaster here in cork. They want to do a radio documentary about friendly call. They want to talk about how people are experiencing isolation and loneliness, and about the friendly call service. My supervisor asked myself and 2 other volunteers to take part in it.
So on Sunday afternoon, we are going to do it. We’ll all be interviewed, and a documentary will be made for the radio. When it airs I will share it here with you all.
I am so excited! This is a great opportunity!
Its also a great opportunity to get the work of friendly call out there, and show off our great service!

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Fundraiser for friendly call

so I’ve been at a fundraiser for friendly call all morning. We had a craft fare to raise funds. It was really lovely. So many wonderful stalls selling handmade things. And free tea and coffee, cookies, and cakes. And there were schools, choirs from schools, singing. It was amazing!
I had a blast! I got a lovely pink glass angel. It is a handmade angel. She is really nice!
I love angels. They are my thing. My house is full of them!
Mom bought a framed picture. Its a picture of cork in olden times. A snowy scene. She loves photos. She said it was really cool and she had to have it when she saw it.
I bought a load of raffle tickets, they were giving out prizes of hampers. And guess what? I won! I won a big chocolate hamper.
Im meant to be dieting! Hahaha! But oh well. I’ll have to eat some of it now!
It was a great morning though. I think they raised a lot of money for friendly call. At least I hope they did. We’ll find out next week how much they raised.

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One of my clients is dead

I found out today that one of the friendly call clients I call each week killed himself. I’d spoken to this man on numerous occasions. He was in his fifties. He had a severe mental illness. My supervisor told me he did it last week. We were the last people he spoke to, friendly call was the last contact he had with anyone before he did it.

I was floored. Its the first time something like this has happened to me while I’ve been a volunteer. I just cant believe it. It really brings it home to me how precious life is. And how you just never know how things can happen on a spur of a moment.

I hope he’s at peace now. I am glad he had us I am glad we were able to maybe bring him some happy times. The fact that we spoke to him daily. The fact he had someone on the end of the phone to talk to. He was very isolated, he lived in a rural area. And he was so lonely.

Loneliness kills. It really does.

Its going to take me some time to process this. I still feel kinda numb. Maybe because I’ve also come close to ending it. Maybe because I know his pain. I know how he must have felt when he made his decision. I just wish he’d have told us how he was feeling.

Its a sad day for me today. I’ll send prayers up to the universe and hopefully he’s at peace now.

Hurricane diana!

There is a bad storm outside this morning. It started last night. High wind, rain, and the wind was really whipping up outside, howling very loudly. I wasnt able to sleep with the noise. I am very tired this morning. But I need to go see dr. barry and go get my shot also.
I dont really want to go out in it. But I have no choice. I hope I’ll be ok and manage ok in the bad weather.
I’m going to mom and dads today after I see dr. barry. I got invited to a lunch with the staff of friendly call today too. They are being audited and there is a lunch and they invited me to it. So I will be going to that today but other than that I wont be doing much else today.
The weather warning is in effect until noon. Its pretty bad out there right now.

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A rough night last night

Well my headaches finally gone. I’m so delighted. I had it all night. I wasnt able to get much sleep at all. I kept waking in pain.
Plus there was a huge storm where I live. The wind was very strong. Howling and whipping up outside my window. Plus there was heavy rain too.
Then my phone kept notifying me of text messages, of wordpress comments and likes, etc. I should have probably silenced it. But I didnt. My bad.
So I am pretty tired today. But I am volunteering this afternoon. I’m in the office now about to start my calls. I will be here until 5 Pm I’d think. I was debating canceling but now I am glad I didnt.

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