therapy today was draining, and other random stuff

busy day today here with therapy this morning and then work this afternoon. I am so wrecked now. absolutely shattered and just feeling so drained. feel like i’ve been hit by a frait train. i am trying to unwind, watching tv and maybe going to read in a little while.
therapy was hard. darks got time to talk about contact from abusers and their feelings around that. they also talked about last week and eileen managed to get it out of one of them why we didnt come in. I will try to write about it at some point, or have Kelli the teen who actually talked to eileen write about it.
I just really feel like having an early night tonight. I am shattered.
I dont know if I can though. Not sure how our sleep will be. We didnt do well last night as we had a storm here, wind and lots of rain and it was lashing off the windows and keeping us up.
Going to try for an early night though, if I can I will have one. I am working again tomorrow afternoon. Also, got on to tech support for my broadband as it keeps dropping the connection, and they made an apt to come out to me on thursday morning, to look at it and see what the problem might be.
At least my morning is free tomorrow, I can relax for the morning before working in the afternoon, work was good today, despite the weather being bad, the atmosphere in the office was awesome.


Work went well today!

had a great shift at friendly call this afternoon! went in around 1:30 or so. another volunteer had done some of my calls for me. so i only had half the amount to do that I’d normally do. All of my clients were in good spirits! One lady had just come out of hospital, she had a mini stroke, she’s doing a lot better now, another of them was in hospital, after being shifted in there on Wednesday, she’d been very ill last week and my supervisor had gone to her house and taken her to the doctor. Other than those two though mostly everyone was ok, and doing well. I was happy to hear it. I got to speak with one lady who I hadnt spoken to in a few months. She’s gone into a nursing home now but she still gets a call each day. Today when I phoned her she picked up, usually she doesnt. So I got to see how she was doing which was so nice. It was so nice to touch base and hear her voice. She got a little confused and kept calling me the wrong name, but I just let it go. I knew she was just confused and its part of her illness. There is a girl on placement in the office at the moment for 12 weeks, a student, she’s studying to be a public health nurse, she’s really nice. She asked me today if I’d be willing to be interviewed for her research she’s doing, I said I would help her out if I can. So over all a good day. I got home around 4 PM, ate dinner and now am going to just chill for the rest of this evening.
carol anne


Extra shift at work

I got called in today to do an extra shift on friendly call.
I had a text from my supervisor when I got out of therapy. I managed to go home, eat a quick lunch, and then my supervisor picked me up at 12:45. I’m in the office now.
I’ve managed to get through to most of my clients. I will be here for another hour at least.
I’m glad I was able to come in. It got me out of the house. And out of my func. I had a tough therapy session. i will write some more on it later, but for now I need to reflect on it.
For now I need to get back to making calls.

Work was good

work today was good. im still here now, but will be going home soon. my shift was a busy one. but the office was very full today, there were lots of us in today. the banter was great. it made the time go by really quickly!
All of my clients were in good spirits today. Which was nice to see. And I almost got through to everyone!
The sun is shining today which is lovely. I love when the weather is good. Makes everything feel so much better. I am going home now to have dinner, and go out in the garden for an hour or two while the sun is still shining.


Work this afternoon

Work today was good. I managed to get through to almost everyone. Everyone was mostly in a good mood. There were one or two who were feeling down or not feeling great physically. Makes you think, when they say things to you like that they feel down or are not in good physical health. At least I have my health. I am lucky in that way. I might be depressed but I am healthy which I should be grateful for.
I am almost done now. I am still in the office but am finishing up soon. I am starving so cant wait to go back to my moms and eat my chicken stir fry.
Then mom and me have to go to the grocery store to get some more fruit, water and something for tomorrows dinner. I fancy some steak so I might buy a steak. We’ll see. If not then I will probably buy some chicken or something.
I feel a little bit brighter now though. Mood wise I feel a little better. Things are looking up. I am so happy that they are looking up now.


In the office

I just got hto the office. One of my colleagues that isnt normally here is here. So we chatted for a few minutes. She’s so nice. She is the one who actually got me involved in the friendly call service. When I started working here i used to do reception work. I jused to do more office type work, and then Brenda asked me if I’d like to go full time on friendly call. So I did.

I’m feeling somewhat better than I have been feeling. I made a pot of vegetable soup this morning, and I had it for lunch. And mom is making a stir fry for dinner, a chicken stir fry.

So I am totally back on track with my weight loss, well I hope I am. I’m eating tons of fruit, drinking tons of water, and making good food choices too.

Hoping my mood is going to stay up this afternoon, especially since I have to be oh the phone with clients. I am going to try my hardest to keep on going, and stay positive.


Working an extra shift today

going in to friendly call today to do an extra shift. they’re short staffed so we said we’d help out. looking forward to going in to the office, i really enjoy the work as you know so it will be cool to be in there and helping out.
being picked up at 2 pm by my supervisor.
Love the banter in the office, my colleague trish is cool and makes great coffee.
will enjoy getting out. we woke up feeling bad so…yeah will be good to be out of the house for a few hours.