My laptop fiasco!

My day just keeps on getting better! I mean, worse! Lol!
I was working away, doing my calls for friendly call, the next thing a notification pops up on my screen, low battery, so I was like man I thought the laptop was plugged in!
I checked, and it was! So I plugged it out, and plugged it back in to a different socket, still, it said low battery, so then I knew my charger had given up and I’d have to buy a new one.
Time to phone around all the computer stores to see if anyone had one in stock! I told the guy on the phone that my laptop was a HP, it isnt, but I didnt find that out until I went into the store with it!
I got a taxi in to town, there was no parking, well at first there wasnt. Then he did find a parking spot, but he was double parked.
I went into the store, showed them my laptop. The guy was like, thats a linovo! Not an HP! I’m like oops, sorry I’m blind, what do I know!
Luckily he had a charger in stock, at first he thought he didnt have any.
I payed him, it was 45 euro for the charger, I was so happy to have one that I really didnt care about the cost!
It did mean though that my work was put on hold, so I was much later finishing my calls today, but at least I have a working computer, I had visions of me being without my computer for days, that would not have been good!