Not really in the mood

I’m so not in the mood for work today. I dont know, I just feel like I would do better if I didnt go in, but then, part of me is like, no, I need to push through this and go in.

People are depending on me. I need to not let them down.

So probably I will just push on through and go in and put in the hours, I’ll probably feel better after I do.

Anyone got any thoughts?


busy day!

i had a pretty busy shift at work today! i went in at 2 Pm and I was there until around 4:30. I called around 40 clients. some of them werent answering though. thats always tough. we’re supposed to try them at least 3 times before we contact their next of kin. in the end i managed to get hold of almost everyone which was good or otherwise I’d have been in the office a lot longer. i ended up having to go back to moms afterwords to pick up some batteries for my weighing scales, i forgot to get them from her before i left, then i also had to get milk on my way home, my colleague trish dropped me home, which was nice of her to do that for me. anyway. i’m home now. i’m not even hungry. i had some very nice jalapeno and mature cheddar sausages for lunch today. not on my plan but oh well. they were so nice. i enjoyed them. i had 3 so now i am not hungry as they were very big. i’m glad i worked today. right now i feel good. therapy today was tough but i’ll write about that later tonight. i need to try to gather my thoughts about the session before I attempt to write. i’m working again tomorrow. My PA amanda is meant to be back with me tomorrow, after 4 weeks off, but I havent heard from her, so I am not sure if she’s definitely coming back. I tried calling her but the phone is switched off. I also tried ringing the office to get clarification on whether she’s coming back tomorrow. I hope she is. I dont know what I’ll do if she isnt. She probably is though. I’m going to take it that she will be here in the morning unless someone tells me otherwise. I hope I get a good sleep tonight. I’m not sure if I will but I’m hopeful. I dont feel like cooking anything since I am not hungry, so I think I’ll just have some fruit. Anyway thats the update from here.


Work calls

Well my supervisor just texted me. Apparently they’re short staffed for tomorrow in friendly call, so she asked me if I can come in for the afternoon.
I was able to do it for her. I’m not doing anything in the afternoon. So I guess now I am going into work.
Its good because it will give me something to focus on and take my mind off of my mood instability for a few hours.
I told her I need to take Friday off, since I have my cousins wedding next weekend, and on friday I need to get my nails and waxing and tan done.
She said that that was fine, not a problem. I’ll do tomorrow afternoon, and tuesday afternoon.


work and napping and and and…

well, i ended up going in to work. i wasnt going to but then I felt bad, since I knew they’d kinda be depending on me. so in I went. I am glad I did too. They did need me as someone else that usually does Tuesdays didnt show up. So I had double the amount of calls to make. I got them all done in 3 hours which is good considering the amount I had to make. My supervisor had told me she’d pick me up, but then at the last minute she texted me to say she was held up and she was sending my other colleague to pick me up. I was worried then about whether or not she’d be back in the office after lunch, since she usually emails me on my list of clients that I need to call. But in the meantime until she got back my colleague emailed me a list to get me started. Then when my supervisor came in she emailed me another one. So I was kept going. It was good, though. All of the clients were doing well. There was no crises that came up thankfully. I’m getting to know some other clients, than the normal list of clients that I call, since lately I’ve been doing extra calls and so I am not doing my usual 30 or so client list. Its nice to get to know other clients who are on our books. At around 3 Pm my colleague dropped me back home. I hadnt taken nitro in to th e office, he’s shedding really badly and so I left him at home because I figured he’d be ok there and I didnt want him getting hair all over the office when he starts shaking. So he stayed home, and he was fine, when I got home I fed him, gave him some more water and then I was done for. I had to go take a nap. I’d been up since 1 AM. So I napped for 3 hours. Like I think I said last night or maybe I didnt, but I know I’ve said it recently, I am napping when I am able to. I know its bad and I should stay up and sleep at a decent time of the night, but I dont sleep soundly at night, I feel safer sleeping during the day. So I napped and now I feel much better. I need to eat something but I am too lazy to cook anything, I could have a slimming world meal but I dont fancy that either. So I just ate a banana, and if I get hungry again later on I can have cerial. I need to tackle the rest of my assignment which is 1 3rd of the way done. I am not feeling it though. Not in the mood. I will probably do the second entry in a little while. I’ll see how things go. Right now my mood is good. I hope it stays like that.



I am at work! Work is good. Busy but good. I havent stopped since I came in! I have been here since about 1 Pm. Its 3 now. I am finishing up soon though.
All of my clients were in good moods which was nice!
I love when work goes well for me!
I am going back to mom and dads afterwords, and am going to relax for the evening.
I need to do an assignment for college tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow morning, to get it out of the way.
After that I can relax and enjoy my weekend.


Gone to work early

I’m in the office right now. I had to go in early. My supervisor rang, she’s short staffed so she asked me if I could come in as soon as I was free.
I had my PA here from 9 AM until 11:30. However I let her go a bit early, so that I would be able to go in to work that little bit earlier. I got a taxi in because my supervisor was on her own in the office. She wasn’t able to leave the office. So she told me to get a taxi in and put it on their account.
We’re very busy. I just took a small break to write this post.
My PA cleaned my house, she did a fine job on it. She did a lot of things. Including changing my bed, mopping my floors, vacumeing, washing dishes, etc.
I am happy I got all that done. She turned out to be a really good relief PA.
Now I’d better get back to work. I am feeling tired, since I didn’t sleep good last night. I am going to have a cup of tea to wake me up. I would drink coffee, but I think I’ve had more than enough caffine today already.

I am at Work!

I am at work now. I got here at around 1:30. I didnt work last friday so its my first day back I havent worked in about a week. I am enjoying my shift. The office is busy though!
My supervisor is back from her holidays! But my other colleague is gone on her holidays now. I think I am going to have a busy shift. I enjoy being busy. I hope all of my clients are well today. I hope nobodys ill or upset or anything. I am kinda fragile today so I dont think I can deal with too many crises.
I better get back to work now. Catch yall later!