Oh but I need a nap

I need one right now, but its too warm to nap.
so instead I called a friend, chatted to her for a while, then went to feed nitro, and now am browsing audible for some new books to read.
I bought 3 new books. they are all medical related.
One is called confessions of a gp, one is called emergency admission:confessions of an ambulance driver, and the third is called doctors notes, which Astrid over at blogging astrid reviewed and I decided to see if audible had it and they did!
I am so excited to read all of these books!
I love medical related books, I found a few more I want but dont have money for them right now, and no credits in my account either, so I will have to wait until next month to grab them.
Nevermind though, in the meantime, I have tons of books to read!
I hope your all having a happy friday 😀
carol anne

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My friend

So my friend norma visited me tonight. She only stayed for an hour but it was nice to see her. She wanted me to put a new book on her phone for her. I gave her a Rosie Lewis book, called broken. Rosie Lewis is a UK foster parent writing about her foster kids. Her books are really good. Me and my friend spent the hour she was here chatting. She caught me up on all of her news. I’ll be seeing her again on Tuesday though as I’m doing a training session with her on how to use her I phone on tuesday evening. The taxi was delayed dropping her off to my house, they couldnt find where she was living. Funny that as she always uses that company. They knew where I lived though, so thankfully I didnt have to give them directions asI am no good at doing that.

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went to my friends this afternoon

i spent the afternoon at my friend normas house training her in how to use her i phone. i taught her how to face time and she was really pleased because now she will be able to cut down on call costs. i also loaded an audio book on to her phone for her to read. i loaded on beautiful boy by david shep, thats a really good read btw if any of you want to read it, its a fathers story of his sons meth addiction and how the family got through it. its really good. we also sat and chatted for a while. in total i was at her house about 3 hours. i just got back to my parents about half an hour ago. the taxi driver who took me back to my parents was very chatty. i love it when i get nice taxi drivers. the taxi’s to and from my friends place are free to me because the partnership where I volunteer is paying for them so thats nice, saves me some money. having a cup of tea now, and then going to do email and catch up on blogs, my mom has gone to her brothers house with my aunt, i could have went with them but i decided not to go. i’d prefer to just stay here and chill out.

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Goals update

i managed to complete all of my goals. well most of them but by the end of today they’ll all be accomplished.
i had a nice hot shower this morning, it woke me up a little bit more as i started to get tired around 11 AM. so i jumped in the shower and the heat of it woke me up again.
i ate very healthily all day today.
Did not get any exercise in but I hadnt really thought I would. I dont have access to my treadmill here at my parents, and I didnt have time to go for a walk with my mom.
Went to my friends house in the afternoon, we spent an hour doing some training, then I loaded a new audio book onto her phone for her. Then we spent another hour just chatting. It was nice.
I need to read thats the one thing I havent done today but the days not over yet. I’ll probably read before I go to sleep tonight. I read 3 chapters of my book last night before bed.
Its been a productive and good day.

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saturday goals

hi. i only have a few goals for today saturday.

they are
eat 3 healthy meals,
read/finish my book,
go to my friends house to train her in using her i phone
get some exercise
Nap if possible

Should be easy to achieve all of them!
Have a beautiful day everyone!

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Finally at the basement club!

Im here! I made it! I got out and it feels really great!
i’ve been here for the last hour now. Its now 11 AM. I’ll stay until 1.
There is about 8 of us here, 8 members. and one staff member.
We just did catch up, thats where members talk about how they are doing, and the staff tell us about what is going on in the centre.
When my friend denise came in she got such a great welcome from Nitro. He was so excited to see her!
He ran over to her and he was carrying his lead in his mouth as if to say walk me! lol!
I am having a good morning though. Long may it last!


i had planned yesterday to go to my friend normas house to do some training with her. the plan fell through because she was going out with her family, so we rescheduled for this afternoon. so i went to normas house this afternoon to train her in using her i phone.
i showed her how to make a call without using seari, she found it hard using the touch screen to dial in the numbers. i think its gonna take her some time to learn it. she kept getting frustrated today that she wasnt able to follow the instructions i was giving her.
i also transfered a new book onto her phone for her. and i downloaded a few aps onto her phone as well. i was there for over 2 hours.
i think she got a lot out of me being there, at least i hope she did. i enjoyed my time with her. it was nice. i enjoy training her. i find her easy to work with.