Fun afternoon!

So I have had a really fun time with my friend this afternoon. I spent a very nice 3 hours with her. We hung out and chatted. We basically put the world to rights. She had asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her but I had already left out chili so I didn’t take her up on that offer. I told her that maybe next time I visit her we could eat together.

Im wondering now whether I should go to bed and have an early night. Part of me says yes I should. Then part of me just wants to stay up for a while longer. Im not sure what I will do. I would like to read my book, so maybe I will just turn in for the night and do that.

Either way its been a nice day and I had a lovely time with my friend. I feel good and that’s a plus and a positive.

Crisis with a friend

so I’ve had a bit of a hard evening tonight. My friend has been very depressed and very low lately. For the last few days week even she’s been very down. I’ve been trying to help her through it.
Tonight she texted me at around 7 to say she had overdosed on paracetamol, she said she’d taken 30 tablets. I was so frightened for her, but I stayed calm. At first after she told me I asked her if she was going to ring her daughter who is her next of kin, she said no. So then I asked her if she’d go to the hospital to be seen by psych and she said no to that too.
I told her then that I’d ring an ambulance for her because I was really worried about her. She agreed to let me do this for her. So I rang, that was an experience in itself ringing an ambulance. They asked me a bunch of questions about her and I had to tell them that actually I was ringing from my own house and she wasnt with me. The operator asked me if she had a weapon and if she was violent, if she was conscious and awake, breathing etc. He asked me her age and what she’d taken. Most of what he was asking me I was able to answer. He asked me her sir name but I drew a blank, I could not for the life of me think of it.
I gave him her phone number and he said he was going to call her as soon as he hung up from me, he also said an ambulance was on its way.
I was so relieved! Finally she’d get help! I was so glad she’d texted me. She kept texting until they came and when she got to A and E she let me know she was there and being seen. She was moved to the medical ward a little while ago because there was damage to her liver from the meds. Right now she’s in the medical ward. She’ll be there for a few days I think. Then she’ll probably be transferred to the psych ward.
All I can think is what if I hadnt seen her text right away, sometimes I dont get messages right away if I am doing something or on the phone etc. It was genuinely a hard night for me, ringing the ambulance, talking with her over text, and just generally being there for her, but I am so glad she trusted me enough to confide in me as to what she’d done.


5:20 AM

I cant sleep. So I got up. No point in staying in bed when all I seem to be doing is thinking.
I started reading a new book last night. Its called broken and is by rosie lewis. She is a UK foster parent. The books been out a while now and I’ve had it for a while but am only now getting around to reading it. So far I really like it.
I’m so happy its Friday. I love weekends! I came to my parents house last night. I was going to wait to go until today but then my sister said she’d give me a ride so I grabbed it. Saves me money on a taxi fare.
I am going to my friend Normas house today for 2 hours. We are going to do a training session. Im not sure what she wants to actually work on. However I will leave it up to her.
Mom is going to be looking after my sisters kids this morning while my sisters at work. Im sure they’ll be bored as they don’t really have any other kids here to play with, and mom and dad don’t have internet at their house so they cant even use their tablets.
Weathers been good though so that’s good. It means I can walk nitro as it has cooled down considerably. We’re actually meant to have some rain today. A little rain would be nice as we haven’t had any in about 7 weeks. The grass needs watering!
Well I will close this here. Hoping you all have a fantastic Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Fantastic monday

so I’m back home now. Back in my own house. My mom is here with me.
She came over for a couple hours. Actually she came with me we got a taxi to my house. I had a few bags of fruit and stuff like my computer and some clothes and other stuff and I couldnt manage to carry all of that by myself and she said she’d do a few things around the house so that is why she came with me. Plus, she’d have no ride on wednesday which is her usual day to come over.
I had a nap this morning after therapy. Just an hour. I was determined I wasnt going to sleep the afternoon away. And so I got up again after the hour.
Im still feeling pretty good. I am in a very reflective mood. I didnt even do any of the work today but Liz’s hard work is filtering through to us all. I’m very happy about that.
I am going to have a quiet evening at home with nitro. I am going to watch some tv and read a book. And of course go online too.
Tomorrow I have my volunteering. I havent been in two weeks so it will be good to get back into it. Ok well I am going to go call my friend. I promised I’d call her for a catch up.
carol anne


evening thoughts

me and norma we had a good time. we just chatted. I was telling her about the respite assessment I’ll be having next week. she goes to that centre too for respite. so she knows all of the people who work there. she was able to give me som e tips for how to approach the assessment. i gave her a new book to read. i gave her the silent witness by casey watson. its a foster care memoir. we sat in the living room with the fan on us. the house is still really warm. nitro started panting a lot and i wasnt sure why he was doing it other than i think he was hot. i let him out and then i put his eardrops in again. he let me do it without any trouble. he actually likes it i think. norma left at 7 pm. a taxi came to pick her up. i decided to try to hook up my apple tv to my tv in my livingroom. but i wasnt able to do it. i’ll try the one in my bedroom later tonight. i know how to do it but i’m not sure i have enough cables places where the cable plugs in. its a bummer as if i had it hooked up i could watch netflicks. i put on my tv but there was nothing on that i wanted to watch. so i turned it off again and will probably read my book for a while.
carol anne


took a nap and my friend is visiting

c the heat was getting to me. so i took a nap. it turned in to a 2 hour nap.
i got up at 3 pm and ate my dinner. i had left some curry out of the freezer so I had that. I feel full up now.
The curry was good. I like making batches of food and freezing it, saves a lot of time and all I have to do is thaw it out when I need it.
My friend Norma is coming over in a little while. She wants a new book. She goes through books at an alarming rate. Faster than I do even.
She’ll probably stay for a few hours. I still have my fan going. Weathers super hot still.
my supervisor from my volunteer job emailed me. She said she was sorry I couldnt come in today and that they missed me. That was sweet of her. She said I could do a training session this weekend with norma so that will be good.
carol anne


Oh but I need a nap

I need one right now, but its too warm to nap.
so instead I called a friend, chatted to her for a while, then went to feed nitro, and now am browsing audible for some new books to read.
I bought 3 new books. they are all medical related.
One is called confessions of a gp, one is called emergency admission:confessions of an ambulance driver, and the third is called doctors notes, which Astrid over at blogging astrid reviewed and I decided to see if audible had it and they did!
I am so excited to read all of these books!
I love medical related books, I found a few more I want but dont have money for them right now, and no credits in my account either, so I will have to wait until next month to grab them.
Nevermind though, in the meantime, I have tons of books to read!
I hope your all having a happy friday 😀
carol anne