6 AM morning ramble

good morning guys
well we had no sleep again tonight. no matter what i did i couldnt sleep. it really irritates me when i cant fall asleep and i am just laying there tossing and turning. so i ended up getting up and going online.
its 6 AM now and I just made some breakfast. Two slices of toast. I was actually quite hungry.
maybe i’ll be able to sleep with a full tummy. good thing i dont have to do anything or be anywhere today. well i am supposed to visit my friend all going well but that isnt until later this afternoon.
time to switch off now and try to catch some zzzz.



well i know i said earlier i was gonna stay up. but in the end i didnt. i went back to bed. my head started hurting and i was really triggered with not being able to breathe. i stayed up for like an hour or so and then i figured i’d make an attempt to try to go back to sleep again. and it worked. well when i say it worked i tossed and turned and my phone kept blinging with notifications but i did sleep. then at 5 AM my friend rose texted me, and then rang me. she’s in a little bit of a crisis at the moment. she has bpd and anxiety and depression, amixture of all 3. she needed someone to talk to. i didnt really mind as i was just lying there awake anyway so its not like she woke me up. we talked for an hour. i hope it helped her. now i’ve just made coffee and got dressed even though its only 6 AM. at least my nose is clear right now, its not all plugged up. i hope it stays that way for a while. i have some time before breakfast as breakfast isnt until 8 AM. I will just go online and then at 7 let nitro out and feed him and stuff. i hope you’ve all had a pretty good evening and night, and if its still night for you I hope your trying to sleep.
carol anne

Musings on a saturday

todays been pretty chill. i slept in late. i didnt care as i had nothing that i needed to be doing.
when i woke up i made myself some toast and a fruit salad with some greek yogurt on top. i ate that and then got ready to go visit my friend.
she just moved into a new house. i hadnt seen it so i was going to see the house and her also.
i stayed for about 2 hours. her house is lovely. its small and compact. but its just what she needed. it suits her I think.
she’s happy there and thats the most important thing.
i just got home a little bit ago, fed nitro, made some coffee and now i’m relaxing for the rest of this evening.
i have some pasta salad left which i’ll have for dinner in a little while. the voice is on tv tonight. i will watch that. and i’m going to read for a while later as well.
i hope your all having a nice saturday. what did you do today?
carol anne


my friend norma came over this afternoon. i cooked for her. i cooked for myself to but i made a healthy meal for me. and an unhealthy one for her lol. i had sweet potato, baked beans, and fish cakes. the sweet potato came out great. i baked it in the oven, and then cut it down the centre and scooped out the potato. it was yummy. other than cooking we didnt get up to much. just hung out and chatted. i enjoy spending time with her though. she is blind too and she also has mh issues. we have a lot in common. we usually take turns going to one anothers houses. i’ll be going to hers next week. she recently moved house and i havent seen her new place yet.