Friday morning thoughts

Its Friday! Another weekend is coming! Yay!
I am feeling amazing this morning! I went to bed early last night and I slept great!
I woke up at 5 AM and I hopped out of bed!
I’ve had two cups of coffee already and its not 7 AM yet!
My PA is coming at 9 this morning. We’re just going to do housework I think. I was meant to go get my nails done and my eyebrows waxed but I just didnt have enough money to do it this week so I rescheduled my apt for 2 weeks time!
I work later on this afternoon also. I am looking forward to going into work. We lost a client over christmas, I dont think I mentioned it to you all. I didnt know the client very well, but I had spoken to her once or twice. She died at home and it was sad but it was what she wanted.
After work I will go to my parents house for the weekend. Mom is making chicken curry for dinner, yum! I love her chicken curry! I will certainly enjoy that.
I think I’ll go visit my friend Norma this weekend. I will probably go tomorrow. Mom and my sis are taking Lauren shopping for her confirmation dress, and I dont want to go with them because they’ll be spending hours going in and out of shops trying on dresses and its just not my cup of tea not when I am not the one oing the trying on!
Well guys, have a great Friday!

And its friday!

No plans here at all today! Nothing happening!
I was planning on going to my friend normas house, but we decided that will happen tomorrow instead. Norma went home to her family for christmas, and she’s not going to be back in her own house until later on today so it would have been a mad rush to get there today.
I’ve got nothing on this weekend so can go on saturday and spend a few hours there!
I think the only thing I do want to do today is go for a nice long walk! I will rope mom into doing that with me!
And I’m totally getting completely back on track with my healthy eating, so much so, that mom and me are having vegetable stir fry for dinner, with noodles!
Have a great Friday guys!

Yay its Friday!

Any morning where I can wake up feeling good is a good one! I woke up this morning feeling fab!
I will be going into work later on. My supervisor is in Dublin today, but she texted me and said she’d email me on my call list. She wants me to go in at 2 Pm today. She said she’d have one of the other girls pick me up, but I told her if its easier I’ll just book a taxi. So we’ll see, but either way I am going in to work.
I also gave my mom 120 euro to get me some dollars at the post office. My spending money for colorado is steadily growing and I am delighted about that.
My sisters bringing the kids over at 10:30 this morning. They dont have school today because there is an election here and voting takes place in the schools. So mom is babysitting them while my sister goes to work.
I can tell today is going to be a great day! I just love it when days go like this!

Friday evening ramble

I’ve had a pretty good day. I didnt do much. I just relaxed. Mostly I spent the morning chatting to my mom. We were both on our phones for some of it, both on facebook. My mom is now addicted. She is always on there. I only go on there some days and not on others. I did set myself up with instagram though. I am enjoying it. I usually post photos of nitro and me, or of sayings and quotes. I will post some over the next few weeks of things we do as a family, like for example next week or the week after we’ll go to a local christmas market called glow. Its in cork every december. We’re also going to go to a craft fare that is being run to raise funds for friendly call. We’re also going to see the coca cola truck and take my nephew davin to see santa. So a lot is going to be going on over the next few weeks. I’ll also be finishing up school, I finish on 7th december. That day I have a presentation to give, that finishes up the course for us. Tomorrow mom and me are going into town, we’re going to finish off our christmas shopping for the family. Mom also wants to get me some clothes, she wants me to try stuff on so she can get the right size. So we’re going to make a day of it. We’ll also go for something to eat while we’re out. Today mom made chicken curry for dinner. It was yummy. We had rice and pompadoms with it. I ate way too much, but it was delicious. I am stuffed now though. So how has your day gone? What did you get up to?

Its going to be a busy morning

Tomorrow morning will be a busy one for me. My PA Frances is coming to moms house at 8:40 to pick me up. She’ll take me to my gp’s where surgery the practice nurse will take bloods from me. They are routine bloods, I get them done once a year. I am hoping they’ll be fine, and that nothing is amiss with them. I wont know the results for a few days though. It will probably be early next week before I’ll have any results.

After that I am going to the beauticians to get waxing done and I will also get my nails done. My nails are currently done, so I need to get the nail polish soaked off before some new shilac can be applied. I dont know what color I want. I’ll ask the girl doing them for her advice. I’m sure she’ll tell me what looks good or whats popular right now color wise.

I also need to get a few groceries, but I think when I am getting my nails done, I’ll ask my PA Frances to go get the bits I need, to save time.