Took a walk!

I decided to go for a walk yesterday to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air, I knew doing that would make me feel good.
Mom took me, but I’ve decided its best if she doesnt take me again. My mom has COPD, and her breathing is effected, she cant walk very far, or on long distances.
We didnt go far. We went to the grocery store and back home again. In total we walked over a mile. At least thats what my phone told me, we did over 2000 steps. Which is good, considering my mom cant walk very far.
The walk was just what I needed. My plan is to start exercising on the 2nd, using my treadmill, and the plan is, to exercise every day, I am going to get really serious about it now that christmas is over.

I feel real again

a fresh breeze blows
through the windows
blowing upon my skin
I feel the coolness of it
fresh air
Whipping my hair
Blows the cobwebs away
Allows me to just be
In the serenity of the night time
The fresh cool air
Makes me feel real again