I practice grounding
I should be good at it now
I’ve had a lot of reason
to practice it this evening
I stamp my feet
put on music
take a shower
all things
to help me cope
with the immense feelings
i am experiencing
In the hope that
one or all
of these distraction techniques
will allow me
to be able
to breathe
and calm down


This year for my birthday I chose to use the platform of facebook to do a fund raiser.
I raised money for pieta house, a local charity here in Ireland that helps people who struggle with suicidal thoughts and or self harm.
This as you know is close to my heart, being that we deal with both on a regular basis.
I’ve never used pieta house, but I know if I needed to I could.
I didnt raise all that much, only a couple of people donated, but those who did, I was very grateful.
It all helps.

FOWC with fandango-compensate

feel cold
so I compensate
By turning on my heating
The house warms up
Very quickly
and soon
Nitro is panting
I am roasting
So again
I compensate
By turning the heat off
Drinking a cold drink
Happy in the knowledge
That my home is full of warmth now