My Saturday!

Hi guys!
How are you all doing on this fine saturday?
I am doing great! I’ve been watching tv with my parents, and now I’m retiring to my room for the rest of the night!

On my way to my bedroom I made a little detour via the kitchen to make a coffee! I needed it! I feel so tired! not tired as in I need sleep and I need it now, but just tired as in, sluggish!

I never did any of my assignment for college today! Ah well! There’s always tomorrow, or Monday! I’m not stressing about it! Life is too short for stress!

I had a nice relaxed saturday, just how I like it!

Now its time to go read my book for a while! Nitro is fast asleep! He’s dreaming and making cute doggy noises!I love when he does that!

Fowc: Bugaboo boo

Just a silly little rhyme
and I hope in you’ll all chime
bugaboo boo
who me?
Yes I am singing
Bugaboo boo!
our littles are entranced
Now they just want to dance
So away we go
Hopping to and fro
As we sing
Bugaboo boo
Even our dog thinks we’re cool!

Fowc: Flippant

Dont be so flippant, Debbie said. Why not? Sarah chirped. Isnt everyone these days? No, not really, said debbie. You know, said Debbie, I cant help it. Everyone gives me good reason to be flippant.
Oh? Sara looked intensely at debbie!
You do make me smile, even when your being flippant!
I’m glad I make someone smile, debbie quipped!
Lets make our coffee, sit down, eat cake, and chat!
The two women were besties, and had been for years! Nothing could break their unbreakable bond.


#Fowc Raw emotions

emotions bubble up
raw, and real
feelings simmer
beneath the surface
Of my mind
I try to push them away
to no avail
They penetrate every fibre of my being
Until I
Let them out
Little by little
I open up
As my world comes crashing down around me


#Fowc: Diet

I am doing well with my diet. Slimming world isnt really a diet per say. Its all about food optimising.

No food is off limits on the plan. You can have any food. If you eat junk food, or unhealthy food, it is called syns. Syns are the bad foods or unhealthy ones.

On the plan you can have 5 to 15 syns a day depending on your weight and height. Men are able to have more, I think men can have up to 25 syns a day. 5 to 15 is a lot though. I never go over mine.

You can eat huge portions on the slimming world diet. I am never hungry. In fact I am eating more now than I have eaten when I wasnt dieting. Its great. I love this plan. It really works.

I love that the groups are so supportive. There is huge support at the weekly meetings. Everyone is so respectful, non judgemental, and very very supportive of one another.

Its definitely a diet that really works. I would highly recommend it. Although its not widely available outside of europe. I think its available in texas in the US, in dallas, but its not available anywhere else in the US.

Its huge in the UK and ireland though. I mean my group has over 50 people in it and thats just one group. My consultant runs about 5 groups in total.


Do I need to plug my ears?

Why is there so much bad language on tv? Time to plug my ears I think! Why is every second word a curse word? I am not impressed! Also, my washing machine is so loud! Maybe the sound of that will drown out these crazy reality tv stars, so I dont need to hear their stupidity! I might not have to plug my ears after all, but I do need to turn off this damn tv. I need to take a nap. I am starting to drag a little. If I got an hour of sleep I’d be all set. I think I’ll try for that now.


Fowc with fandango:Inconspicuous

Welcome to fowc, with fandango! To participate in todays prompt, check out fandangos post here!

Todays word is inconspicuous!

she sat
very inconspicuous
people watching
she watched everyone
but she herself
was inconspicuous
nobody took notice of her
she wondered
not for the first time that day
if they were just too wrapped up
in their own lives
and day
or if she really
was not attracting attention
was she invisible?
she certainly felt as if she was
her mind began to drift
she began to dissociate
float away
she looked at the clouds above
wouldnt it be nice she thought
to just float away
float away on a cloud
and with that
she closed her eyes
and fell into a hazy dream like state
she awoke some time later
not knowing the time, or day
where was she?
then she remembered
she was sat on this park bench
A lot of hours had passed
Was she dissociating or sleeping all this time?
she didnt know
But it had been fun