Reading wrap up!

I have read a lot lately. And so I thought I’d link up with its Monday, what are you reading!
Its Monday! What Are you Reading? The Book Date (

What I am currently reading:
I am currently reading wicked girl by jeanie doyle. She is a foster parent and this book is about the very first foster placement she took on. So far I am loving it. I am only 13 percent into the book though!
What I just finished reading:
I just finished reading behind closed doors by UK foster parent maggie hartley. The book was incredibly sad and also incredibly moving and inspiring. I love maggie hartley, all of her books are great.
What I think I’ll read next:
Well, I’ll probably finish the book outcast child by kitty neale, and I’ll also probably finish the true crime book gorilla killer by ryan green.
I am not short of other books to read, I have plenty. There are some poetry books that I want to read and review, that other bloggers have written and kindly gifted me copies of their books in exchange for an honest review!
What about you? Have you read anything good lately? Do share!

Its Monday! What Are you Reading? The Book Date (