Random updates

I had a pretty uneventful evening last night. I got home from therapy around 6 and decided to order chinese food. I may as well treat myself now while I can because come January I am going to cut down and join slimming world and really watch what I am eating. My niece will be making her communion next May and I want to lose weight for that so that I can buy something nice to wear. So anyway I ordered the chinese food and ate it and it was actually very nice. After that I just went to bed as I felt drained after therapy even though Jasmine had most of the session time. We’re always more tired after therapy and usually just go to bed and try to sleep so that we can recover from our session which is usually pretty intense. I slept well. Woke up at around 6 and got up to get ready to go to college. Will be finishing off the project I am working on today and that will finish my spreadsheets module. I still have to come in on Monday though even though I wont have anything to do. I think thats pretty stupid but there isnt another option. I will be leaving early on MOnday though to go see dr. Barry. I’m looking foraward to christmas. I have everyones gift sorted and have most of my cards sent and am just looking forward to relaxing and having some down time and spening time with my family and stuff. We’re taking the kids to see santa on Tuesday. My sister asked me if she could book it on my visa card so I let her. She’ll give me back the money later on today. My sisters cooking dinner today at our parents house. She’s making lasagna so I said I’d go there after college and have dinner there. I was supposed to go visit my friend Norma tonight but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to do that. I need to give her a christmas gift. I will be rushing if I do it tonight and I want to have some time to just hang out and chat and stuff so I will wait. Thats about it from here.