Saturday food log!

I did good today with my food!

I am so proud of myself! I am doing great! I think I am going to have a great result on Tuesday at weigh in!

For breakfast today I had a bowl of weetabix, with some strawberries on top!

Mid morning, I had a mandarin, and a peach!

Lunch was a yogurt, and some crackers!

Dinner was a slimming world meal of macaroni with roasted veggies!

I had more fruit before I headed out for the evening!

Drinks today included tea and coffee water, and coke zero!

So that is what I ate today and I am very happy with it!


Friday, food log!

Here is my food log for Friday! I had a great day food wise today! I was really healthy! Heres what I ate today!

Breakfast was a yogurt, and some strawberries, and a cup of coffee. Not exciting, but healthy!

Lunch was some crackers, rice crackers, salt and vinegar flavour, rice crackers are sooo yummy! I am addicted to them now that I’ve tasted them, I also had some fruit!

Dinner was two chicken breasts, with some salad, rice and bean salad, and some wholemeal bread, and I seasoned my chicken with hot sauce!

It was super yummilicious!
I was starving by the time dinner time came, so I wolfed it down!

For snacks this evening I’ve had a kiwi, a nectarine, and a peach!

And two more mugs of tea!
So I think I did ok today! I’m delighted with how I’ve done!


Food diary for Monday!

Today I was totally on plan again! Yay I am beginning to think I can be successful at losing some weight this week! I’ve been on plan every day so far this past week!
for breakfast this morning I had wheetabix with strawberries on top!
Lunch was some fruit and two rice cakes.
Dinner was some boiled rice, a chicken breast, and peas!
Snacks throughout the day were a slimming world bar, some fruit, and my drinks included tea, coffee water and coke zero!
I didnt exercise today, I just didnt feel up to it!
So that is where things stand! Praying I’ve done enough this week and it will pay off!


Food diary for Saturday and Sunday!

I had a pretty awesome weekend! I did well with my food! I was on plan 100 percent! I didnt even get any fish and chips in Kinsale, and I didnt get doughnuts or icecream!

Saturdays food log looked like this!

Wheetabix with strawberries on top!
Mug of tea!

Lunch was Some fruit, and I had lots and lots of fruit throughout the afternoon!

Dinner was a chicken breast, baked potato and some vegetables!

Sunday was good too. Breakfast again was wheetabix and strawberries on top.
We eat dinner early on sundays, today it was corned beef, cabbage, peas and potatos!
In the evening I had a corned beef sandwich and some fruit!

Drinks today included tea, coffee and coke zero!

Exercise on saturday was a 4 mile walk! And today sunday I didnt do any!

Hoping with every fibre of my being that I am going to smash it this week at weigh in and be down a lot of weight!


Food and exercise log May 13th

I had a really good day today. Food wise I did great. I did everything right, I ate healthily, and was happy with the foods I chose.

For breakfast, I had an orange cut up, some toast, and some sausages. I had a mug of tea also.

For lunch I had a corned beef sandwich and a bag of crisps. I also had a mug of tea with my lunch.

For dinner I had sweet potato fries, and a chicken breast, and some baked beans. I had a litre of water with my dinner.

For snacks I had some grapes, and a pear, and an apple. I also drank another litre of water.

I’ve also had a couple mugs of coffee as well throughout the day.

I also exercised today. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I walked for a total of 1 mile.

I am planning on going on the treadmill twice a day from now on if I can. I plan on doing two 20 minute sessions, one in the morning, and one in the evening.

My mom complimented me today. She said my stomach is beginning to get a shape to it. She said you can see it shrinking, made me super happy that she is noticing that now.

So all in all a great day! I am delighted with how it went!


Food log for Saturday!

I had a hard day so wasnt eating a whole lot, but here is what I did eat today.

Breakfast was two boiled eggs, and two slices of toast.

I had no lunch, or mid morning snack.

Dinner was chicken fried rice.

Evening snack was an apple, some rice cakes, and an alpan light bar.

Drinks today was a couple mugs of tea, a mug of coffee, and a little water.

Not the best day but I will chalk it up to being sick with stomach issues.


Food log april 30th

Todays food log isnt looking that great. That is because I havent eaten much today. I felt kinda unwell today, my head felt all fuzzy, like I am getting a head cold or something. So I wasnt really in the mood for much food.

Breakfast: A yogurt, a banana, a mug of tea.

Mid morning: An apple, some grapes, some blueberries.

Lunch: A fibre 1 bar, an apple.

Dinner: A quarn burger, some sweet potato fries, some broccoli rice.

Drinks today included 2 litres of water, some coffee, and some tea.

Tomorrows my weigh in day, and I feel I will be down this week. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some weight. Even if I only lost half a pound, I’ll be happy with that.