Operation transformation, its time I got in shape!

So there is this show on our tv for the next 8 weeks. Its called operation transformation. It is a show where 5 people try to lose weight, get healthy and get active.

A GP, psychologist, fitness expert, and a dietician make up a plan and the 5 leaders follow it. All of Ireland gets behind this show. Its a fantastic way to get active and healthy.

I’ve decided to download the operation transformation app and follow along, and try to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

I even set a reminder on the app to remind me to work out at 8 AM each morning.

I am determined to get in shape and do this. I have to get my belly to shrink. Exercising is the only way to do it.

I already eat healthy, its just exercising that I am not accomplishing.

So heres to the start of me getting in shape and toning up over the next 8 weeks. Bring it, I’m ready!

Saturday food log!

I did good today with my food!

I am so proud of myself! I am doing great! I think I am going to have a great result on Tuesday at weigh in!

For breakfast today I had a bowl of weetabix, with some strawberries on top!

Mid morning, I had a mandarin, and a peach!

Lunch was a yogurt, and some crackers!

Dinner was a slimming world meal of macaroni with roasted veggies!

I had more fruit before I headed out for the evening!

Drinks today included tea and coffee water, and coke zero!

So that is what I ate today and I am very happy with it!

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Friday, food log!

Here is my food log for Friday! I had a great day food wise today! I was really healthy! Heres what I ate today!

Breakfast was a yogurt, and some strawberries, and a cup of coffee. Not exciting, but healthy!

Lunch was some crackers, rice crackers, salt and vinegar flavour, rice crackers are sooo yummy! I am addicted to them now that I’ve tasted them, I also had some fruit!

Dinner was two chicken breasts, with some salad, rice and bean salad, and some wholemeal bread, and I seasoned my chicken with hot sauce!

It was super yummilicious!
I was starving by the time dinner time came, so I wolfed it down!

For snacks this evening I’ve had a kiwi, a nectarine, and a peach!

And two more mugs of tea!
So I think I did ok today! I’m delighted with how I’ve done!

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Food diary for Tuesday!

Today I have been on plan all day! I am amazed! Its been so easy to stay on plan! I am so surprised at how easy it has been! I am delighted of course too!

Breakfast today was wheetabix and a some fruit. Of course I had my usual coffee also.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, a yogurt, and some fruit, with a can of coke zero!

Dinner was a chicken breast, boiled rice, peas, and carrots.

Snacks today were a whole lot of fruit! I also went to the grocery store to stock up on fruit for the week! All the fruit was a euro! So I got loads! I got apples, peaches, mandarines, kiwi’s, grapes, strawberries, and a melon, which wasnt a euro but I love melon so I didnt mind spending extra on it!

I also got myself more water! Which reminds me, today I had 3 litres of water!

So thats how my day looked today! Tomorrow its weigh in day! Hopeful of having a loss, fingers crossed!

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Food diary for Monday!

Today I was totally on plan again! Yay I am beginning to think I can be successful at losing some weight this week! I’ve been on plan every day so far this past week!
for breakfast this morning I had wheetabix with strawberries on top!
Lunch was some fruit and two rice cakes.
Dinner was some boiled rice, a chicken breast, and peas!
Snacks throughout the day were a slimming world bar, some fruit, and my drinks included tea, coffee water and coke zero!
I didnt exercise today, I just didnt feel up to it!
So that is where things stand! Praying I’ve done enough this week and it will pay off!

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Food diary for Friday!

So here we go with another food diary! Another day down and I am still on plan!

Breakfast today consisted of a fruit salad, topped with yogurt. In it there were strawberries, grapes, manderine oranges, and then I topped it with yogurt and it was delicious!

Lunch consisted of some fruit, I ate a peach, nectarine and a kiwi!

Dinner was a baked potato, some chicken, and some cauliflower rice! I have to say the rice was good! It didnt even taste like cauliflower! It had quinoa in it and lentils too!

Drinks today were tea, and water! I have drank 2 litres of water today!

Thats my day in a nutshell!

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Food diary for thursday!

I have decided to start doing a food diary again!

I think it will help me focus! So here is mine for today!

Two wheetabix with fresh strawberries on top!

A yogurt, two rice cakes, and some fruit

Slimming world meal, lasagna

Slimming world bar, and fruit

Tea, coffee, water, coke zero!

20 minutes on the treadmill!

First day down and I am totally back on plan! Yay!

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