What day is it anyway? Tuesday april 7th

My day today? was, busy!
Its now 11:40 at night so its coming to an end! I wanted to post this anyway though.
I wanted to thank all of you my readers. You’ve been fab and I truly appreciate all of you. You are always ready with supportive comments, lots of hugs, love, friendship and I am blessed to know you and I am so thankful for you every day and I am also so thankful for having this blog.
I should go to bed but I cant, I am far too anxious to settle.
I think I will go read my book. I will lie down while I read and hopefully I’ll fall asleep after a while.
Night all see ya’ll tomorrow!

Another blogging milestone reached!

This blog has just hit another milestone!

I have passed 400 thousand views!

Yes! Thats correct. 400 thousand visits!

I cant quite believe it!

It has just blown me away!

Thank you all so, so much for coming back time and time again. I wouldnt have a blog without your continued visits. I am so appreciative of them.

This news has made my day! I feel so blessed.

So heres to another 400 thousand! I’m sure I can get there!

Inviting comments from new followers!

Hello everyone!
I have over 4000 followers on this here blog! Yes, that thrills me, it also surprises me. I cannot believe I made it past 1000, nevermind 4000!
What I want to do is invite those of you who follow me but have never introduced yourselves, have never commented to any of my posts, to comment and say hi! I really would love to get to know you!
I promise not to bite!
I’m a sarcastic bitch at the best of times, I’m a hot mess at the best of times, but I’m also a fun loving and kind person who wants to meet my followers and get acquainted!
So come on you guys, whatcha waiting for!

I set up a new twitter account, who wants to follow me?

Hi guys
I just created a new twitter account. I’d love it if you’d follow me there.

My username is


I hope that some of you might check me out over there!

I need your feedback!

I just reached 4 thousand and 50 followers on the blog! I am so grateful to you all for following me on my journey
Now I want to ask you this. What would you like to see more of on here?
Here is what I have on offer, do let me know what you enjoy reading and hearing about!
1. Daily life updates
2. Nitro!
3. disability related posts
4. Mental illness related posts
5. posts about did and our alters and dissociative identity disorder in general
6. posts about my work on friendly call
7. recipes
8. dr. barry updates.
10. poetry
11. therapy updates
12. weight loss updates!

tell me what you like, what you enjoy, and what you’d love to see more of! I’m really interested to know your thoughts!
and thank you again for making my blog a success!

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I’m on twitter! Come join me!

So I decided to post my twitter info here! Please do follow me if your on twitter, I promise to follow back!

My info is

I am going to get back into posting more often again!
Right now its just my blog tweets that go out!
But I am going to participate more now in conversations on there!
Hopefully if your not following me you will do it now!
❤ c'mon!

Blog shout out, Joanne’s blog midnight harmony!

Hi all

Today we feature Joanne, Go over and check out Joannes blog! You’ll be glad you did!


Its a great blog! Have fun!

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