Alone in the dark

I sit here
I live in fear
The flashbacks come
They leave me feeling so numb
Sitting here in the dark
Rain falls outside my window
I try to focus on the sound
Anything so I wont drown
I cry silent tears
I relive all of my fears
Oh how I hate
The night, and the darkness
It swallows me whole
Until I am no more
And feel so unsure

From Emily, anxiety again

Hihihii guys
I’m so anxious. I cant breathe good. My chest hurts. My heart is pounding. I got really triggered. I was having flashbacks, which triggered me to have a panic attack.

I’m so scared. I dont know what to do. Its hard to breathe, I’m also shaking a lot.

Is anyone around to talk? If you are able to write me that will be good. I might feel better if I chat to someone, it might take my mind off the memories.

Right now I am just feeling so anxious. Its 1 AM now. I’m going to make some tea. Because, tea makes everything better.
Butterfly hugs,
Loves you,
Emily, age 12

This fucking anxiety sucks!

Feeling so bad right now guys. Just so sad. Have been crying for the last hour. Flashbacks are so awful. I hate them. They feel so overwhelming. I feel like I am being sucked into a vortex. Its horrible. I wish I didnt have to experience them. I wish It wasnt gone midnight, I’d be able to contact my therapist if it was earlier. I cant now though its too late. Tomorrow maybe. I just have to get through tonight. I hope I can. The anxiety is back, I am super anxious right now. I feel agitated, and on edge. Like I am crawling out of my skin. This sucks.

Need some support

Is anyone around? Could use a little support. Feeling on edge. Feel a little desperate. WAnt to reach out to someone, preferably my therapist, but cant. Its far too late. Its past midnight. Why are nights always so fucking hard? I hate night time. Its our worst time. All of our insecurities surface. We get anxious and overwhelmed easily. Like right now we’re super anxious and starting to feel really emotional. I feel like I might burst into tears at any minute. God this sucks. If anyones around could use a friend.