Frustrating start to my day

I just arrived at college. I’ve spent almost an hour stuck in crazy traffic. I was so frustrated, and the taxi driver was annoyed too so that didnt help matters. And its not even monday! I took Monday off of college due to havig a migraine. So todays my first day in and I’ve so much to do. I have an assignment due tomorrow, an exam on Friday, and two other projects that I need to work on. There have been a few technical issues to do with jaws which is my screen reader and some of the questions on the exam, but I am hoping by Friday those will all be ironed out. While I was on the way to college I rang Mark, because we have a meeting on thursday, myself, mark and fiona the psychologist. I dont really have anything I need to bring up at this meeting, I’m happy with how things are going. I needed to query the time of it though which is why I rang Mark. He had it on his list to call me today if I hadnt called him first. Last night I felt a little bit down, and unsafe. So I went to mom and dads and stayed there for the night. I did not mention anything to them about why I was there or why I decided to stay the night. I’d say they knew something was up though as I rarely stay there during the week.