Hurting because of my sister

since i went into hospital my sister hasnt made any effort to contact me. she hasnt called. she hasnt texted. and it hurts. i thought she cared. i said it to mom and mom said she’s been asking about me through her but that she hates when i am in the hospital. thats ok but fucking hell ask me? i’m human. i hurt and my heart is hurting. i just want my sister to actually give a damn. i called her this morning, just to chat. she didnt answer. i know she’s seen my missed call because mom said she called her too and she called mom back. but not me. obviously i’m not important to her. it feels so fucking rejecting. my own sister, my own flesh and blood. i’ve done so much lately to improve our relationship and all for what? if she cant even be bothered to call me back when i reach out then fine. i am done. i wont try again.