reading with eileen!

dis is lexi
gess wat?
eileen said shed read to us
next week we’re gona bring ar new book
tha one sarah got us fir crismas
its a book bout bein brave
and i cant wait for eileen ta read it ta us
she said if we bring ar recorder
ar digital recorder
then we can record her readin it
yay dat wil be so neat
cuz i love wen eileen reads ta us
it fils so safe
it makes me hapy
so next week we’ll have a fun time
and we can sit next to eileen
and she can read tha book ta us
and then i can wrap up in her warm soft blanky
and it wil be so neat
love frum
lexi six

hi frum taylor

it be me taylor. i do not lik tha dark. it mak me so skard. i am tryin not to be skard cuz it nerly mornin now. i be glad wen i can get out of bed. i dont like nit time. i feel sick a lot at nit. like i get pain in my tumy. and in my head. and somtims i get like i want thro up too. tonit wen i got skard i cudled nitro. he is sof and i lik it wen he sits by me and licks me. it feels saf. i am hungry for brekfast now. but i got to wait another hour. but im hapy i get to see eileen today. i get a hug frum her. i get to hear her heartbeat. i like that. i get to hold her hand too wen i am skard. that makes me feel safe too.
taylor im six