Youthful word of the day!

I’ve been enjoying a facial. A home made remedy!
I feel so youthful now! It did me the power of good to do this!
Plus it makes my skin feel lovely!
Its just some clenzer, toner and moisturizer that I am using, but its so nice to take a little time out to actually just sit down and do a bit of self care!
I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I will stay looking younger for longer hahahaha!
Plus after a long day its nice to just do something nice just for me!


My hair

mom cut my hair. at 7 AM. lol. she took about 2 inches off of it. its all short now. I’ll never get used to it being so short. She said it looks healthy though so thats good I guess. I need to wash it later, but she is going to put a colour in it first, before I wash it. I badly need a colour put in it. Its been a while since I got one put in. Feels good to get it done though. Even if it is super early in the day. We were up so we thought we might as well do it.
carol anne


I did it, was down again this week

I’m sooo happy with myself. I weighed in tonight. And, I was down 1.5 pounds!

I couldnt believe it! I’m so thrilled!

Thats a total loss of 19 pounds in 14 weeks. Never in my wildest dreams thought I’d stick to this diet, never mind lose the eweight.

I’m just so excited! I set myself a mini target of 2 pounds for next week, because I’d like to get to my 1 and a half stone award and get my certificate for it.

Just sooo proud of myself. I feel such elation right now.

Gym chronicles #3

we are just back from the gym. we went for about an hour.
It was good but very tiring! But then again, I suppose the gym is meant to be tiring. As the instructor who gave me the tour said, if your not out of breath and puffing and panting, then your not working hard enough.
Today was just a tour, to see if I liked it there, and if I wanted to join. We decided a few things. We decided that for me the best option to start off would be a few sessions of personal training.
Yes its strenuous, yes its tough, but it will also help me to tone up and get in shape much quicker than if I was trying to do exercise on my own, and also, there is an added bonus of having someone helping me so I’d have less restrictions on what I could do.
So once I save up enough money I will book in for six personal training sessions. It might take me a week or two to save up, as its 30 euro a session.
Today though I went on the bike for 15 minutes, and I did weights. Man those weights were hard! I went on five different weight machines, the chest weights were the worst, I was literally lifting 70 pound! I was exhausted!
But I had fun. And I felt great after the workout. And I’m happy I went today.

on the up

so things with this headcold are looking up finally.
I am feeling a lot better. I have a little bit of a cough. but nothing major. I think its just the mucus breaking up in my lungs.
My nose is still a little bit blocked. But overall I am feeling a lot better. I think it helped that I was able to rest for the afternoon yesterday, and then last night when I got home from slimming world I went straight to bed and straight to sleep. Its 4 AM now. Just woke about half an hour ago.
At least I can breathe again now! That really makes a huge difference.
Today I’m being interviewed for a radio programme. The main tutor on the ILS course is being interviewed also. She asked me if I’d do the interview with her. The show we are being interviewed for is a show for people with disabilities.
am kinda nervous but also very excited about it.