Facing my fear of going outside, I did it!

I went out this morning! I faced my fear of going into a crowd and I went with Frances to get my groceries.
It was difficult, my anxiety was very high, but I did it and I am very proud of myself.
I got a taxi to the grocery store where I met Frances.
I was able to walk around the store, while frances picked up my items, and I didnt freak out. I wore my mask, and sanitised my hands on the way into the store.
My mouth was very dry, so I bought myself a bottle of pepsi, and I was able to take the mask down to drink some of it, I think my mouth was so dry from the nerves I had, from taking my morning meds, and I also think that it was just part of the anxiety.
It is a beautiful day here this morning, so once we finished in the store, we waited for a cab to take us home, and it was really sunny so I got some sun while I waited.
Once we got back to my house, Frances put everything away, and then we had a cup of coffee together.
I hadnt eaten before I left, so when I got home I ate a banana and I had a yogurt drink.
But I feel good about the trip.
I am so glad I managed to go. There were a lot of people but we didnt really have to go where the crowds were. I had told Frances that I was nervous of going into a crowd, so she was mindful of that.
Next week I hope to go out more, hopefully I can go to starbux, frances did ask me if I wanted to go this morning, but I didnt want to, the trip to the store was more than enough today.