Weigh in tomorrow, Facing the music

So tomorrow I am going back to slimming world after a 3 week break. I am so nervous. I know I am up. There is no denying it. I am definitely after gaining some weight. I kinda did what I wanted for the last couple of weeks, I ate all around me.
Tomorrow I will face my fears, and be weighed, step on the scales and face the music, whatever happens, happens. I’m ready. I can do this. I’ll own it. Take whatever the scale says and then work with it for next week.
I’m sure I’m up at least 3 if not 4 pounds. Oh well. It is what it is. Nothing I can do about it now.

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You will fear me, child

she walks the corridors
rosary beads in hand
her cane ready to whip
any child who dares to ask questions
feel feelings
its not safe to feel them
oh no
sister paula
loved to assert her control
over us
little kids
afraid of everything
even their own shadow
beaten until you bleed
welts that are red and raw
punished for absolutely no reason
sick games
that she liked to play
because it made her feel all powerful
you will fear me, child
make no mistake about that
now run along
you are no good
you are so stupid
you will never amount to anything
you are a disgrace
these things I was told
for many, many years
beaten and abused
;hysically, sexually and psychologically
I did fear
I still do fear


when fear grips you
and you feel trapped
unable to move
unable to breathe
you sit there
staring into space
caught in the memories
of the past
you are froz\en
your body wracked with sobs
you try to claw your way back
out of the flashback your now stuck in
this is what torment feels like
so gripped by fear
that minutes blurr into hours
you cant tell what is real and what isnt
you are stuck
in a neverending loop
will you ever be free?