What if?

sitting here
living in fear
fear he’ll find me
if he does
what then?
what will he do?
what will be my fate?
silence as i sit
shiver and quiver
my next move
and contemplate
his, too.

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#whatif prompt 20.10.18

Today’s #whatif prompt:

floating fantasy

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

A floating fantasy
For me
Is to be
Free from nightmares
Night terrors
And free from the claws
Of pain, pain
That tends to drive me insane
Free from it all
For just one night
I would love it
And I would be
Full of happiness
Floating on air
But that my friends
That is just a floating fantasy
For me
Since it just is not
The way it is
On most nights
On most nights
Nightmares call
Night terrors send me
Reeling in fear
For what feels like

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Facing my fears and ready to take on today!

I never did sleep. am up and ready to face my day. a long day at that. wont be able to nap either during the day today. am going to the basement club this morning, have a taxi booked for 9:45 to take me there. So nervous. But I know I’ll be fine, just feeling apprehensive about meeting the new staff. Will stay down there until around 1:30 and then go straight to my volunteer job. I hope we arent too busy today in friendly call. I could do with a light work load and a fairly quiet afternoon. When I come back home I have to cook dinner, so I doubt I’ll get to rest until quite late tonight. Thats ok too though. I’ll be ok. I feel kinda emotional I think its others feelings though not my own. The littles were really scared during the night, so I think its the left over feelings from that along with some nervousness and anxiety about going to the basement club. I wish rose hadnt canceled and was going with me but well I’m sure I can do this on my own too. I think if I do I will have accomplished a huge thing, setting my anxieties aside and just getting out there and doing it, going in to meet the staff despite my huge fears about it.
carol anne

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