#5 things fall favourites

This week Dr. Tonya has asked us to list 5 things, 5 fall favourites…so, here are mine!

1. Leaves crunching under my feet!
I love when the leaves fall off the trees and crunch under my feet when I walk, its a real sign of fall!
2. Ginger bread lattes!
Starbux does the best ginger bread latte and its so delicious. Everyone should try it out! You won’t be disappointed!
3. Cooler weather…
I love that the weather is cooler but not too cold. It makes it easier to be outside and in the early fall weather I dont need a coat when I go outside.
4. Christmas!
I love christmas, although this year will be a lot different to most years. Most of the things we do around the holidays like going to street festivals, markets, the pantomime, they’re all canceled due to covid.
5. Weekend away on the halooween bank holiday weekend!
Not sure I’m going this year, but we might, if things ease with the covid restrictions, we usually go to killarney in county kerry, and enjoy a few days away, its usually me, mom, my sister and the two kids who go.

What do you love about fall?