i wish

its jaylee. im 9. I wish I was going shopping for dresses tomorrow! I like dresses, they’re so pretty. I want to try on all of the dresses in the store. like lauren is doing. carol anne said if we lose enough weight we might get a dress for laurens confirmation too. I hope we can. I want to look pretty! we have to get rid of our belly first though.

that’s the hard part, our belly is fat. I hate it. we need to do more exercise to get it to go down! exercising is hard but its the only way to get rid of fat, well eating healthy also, but that doesn’t get rid of it.

I hope lauren finds a nice pretty dress. she’s probably gonna try lots of them on. she’s excited to go. I would be too I think.

Weigh in went great!

So I know I said I wouldnt go to be weighed this week. Well I changed my mind and I went!
And I am so glad I did!
I was very apprehensive about going, but I faced my fear of the scales and I just went!
And it payed off!
I was down a pound! I know a pound isnt much but I was thrilled to be down even a little bit!
It gave me the boost I needed!
I felt great! I do wish the weight would come off faster than it has been, but its coming off and that is the main thing!
Next week I am going to go to the morning group, and from here on out my weigh in will be on tuesday mornings, instead of tuesday evenings. I am hoping that going in the mornings, will give me a more accurate picture of what I actually weigh.
But for now I am super happy! I now only have 1 pound to lose from what I gained after christmas! 1 pound and I’ll be back to where I was on christmas Eve!

Weigh in can wait

I have decided not to go and get weighed tomorrow. I am going to wait until next week to go. I am switching my group from the evening time to the morning, so my PA Frances can come with me. I hope that getting weighed in the morning will give me a more accurate picture of my overall weight. I was up 2 pounds after Christmas, and I don’t thihnk I’ve lost that yet. I’m pretty sure I haven’t. And I don’t want to be disappointed. So I just refuse to go tomorrow and be disappointed when I haven’t lost anything. I hope I’m making the right decision. I think I am though. Its so hard losing weight. Its such a roller coaster. I’m slowly getting there, very slowly though.

Christmas Weigh in

I’m off to slimming world to be weighed in this morning. Its a christmas weigh in where we just get weighed, there is no group, its just a weigh and pay. but to be honest? I’d say I’ve gained a pound or two. Will be surprised if I am down, and wont be at all surprised if I am up a little bit.

I’ll still go though. I’d have to pay if I missed it so I will go. I want to keep some semblance of normality over the christmas period. If I gain, I only want to gain a small amount, not 7 pounds like I gained last christmas, it took me months to lose that 7 pounds, I dont want the same thing to happen to me this year.

So we’ll see how I do this morning. I’m ready, whatever happens, happens.

Not getting weighed in

I’ve decided I’m not going to go be weighed in tonight. I am still feeling headachy and I’m a little bit stressed so I dont want to go. I just feel like hybernating here at home so that is what I’ll do.

I would have probably been down at weigh in, but you just can never tell how it will go. I havent done a lot of exercise at all lately. I want to try harder at that. So for next week my goal is to exercise every day even if only for a little while. I need to be more motivated about exercising.

I will just book this week off and go next week and hope for a great result next week instead.

I know I’m going to be up at weigh in

i get weighed in tonight. i just know i’ll be up. i feel very bloated. i dont think i’m going to be down, if I am I’ll be shocked. I hope I might, I need half a pound to get my 7 pound award, but its doubtful I’ll get it. A miracle would need to happen for me to get it. Im just not confident. I did a 20 minute workout on the treadmill this afternoon but I havent done much exercise this week. Plus I ate a couple of cookies and a chocolate bar and I had lunch out on saturday, even though my lunch was a healthy bowl of soup and a sandwich. fingers crossed I’ll maintain, if I am not down, but I’d really love to be down. We’ll see. If I’m not then I’m not, not much I can do about it now.


My aunt just called to mom and dads. She hasnt seen me in a couple of weeks. The minute she saw me she said
“Oh my god! Look at all the weight you’ve lost!”
She knows I am losing weight, as I post updates about it each week on facebook when I get weighed in.
She said I looked amazing!
It feels so nice to be told how fantastic you look!
I am walking on air right now!
She was like, you can really see it! You look a million dollars!
It is spurring me on to want to lose more!
I have a ways to go yet to get to where I want to be, but I know I can do it!
I got this!