Fandango’s #FPQ

Have you ever fractured a bone (or bones) that was serious enough to require inpatient hospitalization and a post-operative stay in a rehab facility? What bone(s) did you break? How long did it take in rehab (inpatient or at home) before you were back to “normal”? And did you actually achieve the same level of functionality you had prior to the fracture(s)?

I’ve been very lucky. I’ve never broken a bone.

I’m had a sprained ankle, but that is about it.

I’ve never had any operations on any of my bones, be it leg, arm, hip etc.

Now, I’ve had other surgeries. I had my gall bladder out in 2009, and my ovaries removed in 2013.

But that is about the extent of my surgery.

I count my blessings every day that I am, for the most part healthy.

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