Fandangos provocative question #FPQ

This week fandango asks us…

Which is more important to you, privacy or security? How much privacy are you willing to give up for security?

Security is important to me, but I’m not so worried about privacy. In saying that, I dont give out my credit card info to just any site, I give it to amazon, and secure sites, but I dont ever enter it into unknown sites, I am not that private online, I dont really worry about giving out my name, email address etc. I do worry about security though, about the wifi being secure, so much so that I rang my ISP and asked them to make me a password that only I know and when I enter it I am connected to my wifi, but nobody else can get in unless I give them the password, this password isnt the one on the back of my modem, I made it up myself.
I am very open on my social media accounts, and on my blog. I believe in being honest, and transparent,
I also post a lot on facebook, and am pretty open about life on there, I did get hacked e recently my fb was hacked, I had to go in and change the password, that was a bit of a pain!
I dont know how the hacker guessed my password!
It was a little freaky though and I did freak out just a little!
I havent had many bad experiences online, hence why it doesnt bother me to be so open, people have been kind to me and havent trolled me or been rude to me on my blog which I am so relieved about!