Fandango’s flash fiction challenge #57

The building loomed, old, and very big, it scared debbie. She wasnt looking forward to having to enter it. Summing up all of her courage, she took the final few steps up to the old ornate building, and looking around, she reached out and pressed the bell on the front door.
She heard footsteps and the door flew open…a tall, dark haired lady greeted her.
“Come in, come in”, she said enthusiastically.
Debbie gingerly stepped inside, she didnt know what awaited her, but she had to be brave, and face her fears head on.

Who won the week? March 15th 2020

I am participating in fandangos challenge of who won the week!
For me, this week, my supervisor from friendly call won the week!
Why? Because she’s doing so much work in the community to help vulnerable people!
Due to corona virus, we’re all self isolating, and working from home. My supervisor has asked us to ask all of our clients when we talk to them, if they need anything, and if they do, she’s asked us to contact her and she’ll get whatever they need to them!
So that means going shopping, braving the crazy lines, crazy stores to get whatever they may need!
She’s a saint, IMO!
She just wants to make sure the elderly and vulnerable people in our community are ok! I commend her for that!
We all need to try harder to be more neighbourly and less about me me me all of the time!


Who won the week?

This is last weeks who won the week prompt, that fandango does each week. I am participating in this one.

For me, the person who won the week last week is…
My cousin Nicole! She payed me a compliment when I was feeling unmotivated, and pretty shitty about myself. She made me feel amazing, and I am so thankful to her for her kindness and generosity.
She lifted my spirits, and my mood just by saying that I looked really good. She encouraged me not to quit with my weight loss and to stick with my weight loss goals.
She made me realise that sometimes things dont always go to plan, but that even when things arent going well for me, I am inspiring others, still.

Fandangos february expression 23rd Feb. 2020

Our phrase for today is:

Actions speak louder than words


When it comes to being kind, actions definitely speak louder than words. Showing someone that you care, being there for them in their time of need, that is kindness.

Smiling at a friend, loved one, giving them a hug, being there to wipe away their tears, being there to listen when they need an ear or need to talk something through, that is kindness.

When it comes to being kind, your actions speak louder than any words ever could. Always be kind, show it, show you care, by doing little things, we can all talk, but can we all act on those words?

Fandango’s flash back friday, an old post about one of our therapy sessions!

I am participating in fandango’s flashback friday, where the objective here is to repost a post you wrote on this exact date over the past few years!
I am reposting a post from the 21st of February 2017!
This was one of our therapy sessions! It was incredible to just look back on this now!

Click below to read it!

Rumor has it…

A storm is coming
Rumor has it
better prepare
Wrap up warm
Stay indoors
Outside rain pours
Its a day for the ducks
But even ducks
Wouldnt want to go out in it
Sit tight
Mug of hot chocolate in hand
Snuggle in a fleece blanket
Read a good book
Sit tight
And wait
For the rumored storm
To pass over
And before we know it
All will be calm again
The sun will shine
And the birds will sing again.