Answering some Questions from Di

Di, from pensitivity 101 has asked some questions and said whoever wants to answer them is free to answer them, so I thought well ok, I’ll do them.
So, here goes.

1. Do you participate in any challenges, and if so, which do you prefer? I do try to participate in a few. I like the 3 things challenge, and fowc.
2. If you could start a New Award, what would you call it? The encouragement and bravery award.
3. Do you aim for your blog to attract a single audience or a variety? A variety, although my blog focuses a lot on mental health, I try to encorporate a lot of bits and pieces into it so as to attract the widest audience.
4. When choosing to follow a blogger, what attracts you to their blog? Honesty, realness, variety of topics, engagement and interaction.
5. Do you prefer to read short or long posts, stories, or humour? All of the above. I’m not picky.
6. Do you like to use graphics in your own posts? Not a lot. Only because I find them hard to put into the post and hard to find what I want when I cant see them.
7. Have any posts by a fellow blogger had an emotional effect on you? All the mental health bloggers I follow their stories and experiences effect me profoundly.
8. Do you think awards are a good way to interact with other bloggers? Yes, I love them. Their fun to do and its fun to be nominated.
9. Dining out or eating in (pre corona virus) dining out! I like to do that! Or I did!
10. Beer, wine, spirit, or non alcoholic? Wine, or alcopop or sometimes malabu or tia maria.
11. Apart from blogging, what is a favoured past time? Reading, definitely reading.