My facebook? Add me?

Hi guys
I know I asked you to add me to twitter last night. Do you also wanna add me to facebook?

If you do, my page is here

I’d love to be your friends on there! I update there often!

so do add me!


I had the headache from hell today. It stuck around for what felt like hours. It really was only about 2 hours but oh man that was long enough. It was so sore. My head was throbbing as if someone was hitting me over the head. The pain was almost unbearable.

I lay on my bed for a while, because that was just about all I could manage. I tried to sleep but couldnt. So then I decided to post to fb about it. Some fb friends gave me some advice and tried to help me get rid of it.

Eventually I drank two bottles of water, and ate some dinner. And that seemed to do the trick. Mom did say she thought I may be dehydrated. I am getting my PA to bring me some paracetamol tablets, because I had none in the house, and its always handy to have those around in case of emergencies.

I am just glad it is gone now. I really hate having bad headaches.


My dog makes me smile!

I wish I could take proper photos of my dog! On my own I mean! Being blind sucks sometimes. I want to take beautiful pics of Nitro! He’s so damn cute! I just gave him a treat. I gave him an apple. He chomped his way through it in no time. He absolutely loves apples. He stood next to me as I opened the refridgerator and took it out, then as I was taking off the stem he was sniffing and sniffing as if I wasn’t giving it to him! When I did give it to him he ran off with it! Lol. I am on a group on facebook called dogs make me smile, which is where I took the title of this post. Anyway on the group people post in pics of their pets, its a cool group. I wish I could post some in too! I have to rely on others to be able to take nice photos of nitro though! Boo! Sometimes its hard to get him in a good pose! He’s camera shy! Lol.

Damn facebook

So I have two facebook accounts. One of them is under my name, and another is under our legal name. I keep getting random friend requests from weirdos on the one which is under our legal name, so, I’ve stopped using it. I can do without that shit! I don’t want to friend weirdos. This one gal got through somehow and she told me she worked for head office of facebook in California. As if. I blocked her and then logged out of that account. I shall now only use my carol anne one. So if anyone here wants to add me on fb see below.


Carol Anne on facebook!


Add me to facebook!

my new fb info is below, it is

I hope some of you will add me! I’d love to connect on there too.

I had an old account but this one I made just tonight, this is the one I am going to use from now on.

Do add me if you would like!
carol anne


Before I get into this post, if anyone wants to connect with me on facebook then feel free to add me

Im very chillaxed tonight. Not much going on at all. I am having a nice quiet night in. Just browsing on fb. I spent some time deleting old accounts. I kept my carol anne one, and this one I jus posted, but I had other old ones, that I needed to delete, so as not to confuse people. If you don’t have me listed on that account, add me? I’d love to connect with all of you.

Have spent a lovely hour or two chatting with friends. And just browsing and enjoying a coffee, now am going to go read for a while.