My facebook? Add me?

Hi guys
I know I asked you to add me to twitter last night. Do you also wanna add me to facebook?

If you do, my page is here

I’d love to be your friends on there! I update there often!

so do add me!

Please can you like my new blog facebook page?

Hi guys
so I made a page for my blog, a facebook page.
I was wondering if you could like it?
I will be posting photos, updates, etc on it.
I’d appreciate it if you could like it and put the word out about it for me?
possibly reblog this?
Or copy my page addy to your twitter, blog etc? to get the word out for me?
the page is below, would really appreciate it guys!

My new blog facebook page

This is my new facebook page for my blog.  Please, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d like and share it.  I will post updates to the page frequently as well as other random stuff about myself and my life.  If you could share this so that I can gain likes I’d appreciate it.

Blog facebook page for therapy bits