Today is June 4th

And the weather outside is very nice! Its dry but overcast, the sun has been trying to peek through the clouds all morning. At least there has been no rain though!
I woke up early, around 6 AM! I didnt get up. I had woken an hour earlier, and had to take 2 paracetamol, my side effects from the vaccine had well and truly started.
I had nausea, an upset stomach, and achiness and weakness.
My PA frances wasnt coming until 9:30. She went grocery shopping for me before she came to my house. She actually didnt arrive until gone 10 AM! She said the supermarket was packed.
I had breakfast and we put away the groceries. I made potato waffles for breakfast. They were so good!
Then Frances did a bit of housework.
I was feeling exhausted so I lay on my bed, and was asleep within minutes. Frances woke me when she was going but I barely answered her when she told me it was 11:30 and she was leaving.
I slept until 1 PM, and now I’m feeling a bit better!
The weakness is still there though!
Hoping it’ll be gone by tomorrow. My headache is gone now though.
I dont have plans this weekend, I am just gonna take things very easy. Relax and rest, thats what I’m gonna do.
I hope your all having a nice day! Stay safe!