Not our usual session time!

This week we’re having our therapy session on a different day. Normally it is on Mondays. But this Monday is a bank holiday so Eileens not working.
WE had said she’d contact me to arrange it, since last Monday she said she’d have a better idea of when she’d be able to schedule it towards the end of the week.
Yesterday afternoon, around 5 PM she texted me. I was on the phone at the time, and 3 texts came in in a row. I was like, who the hell is texting me? So when I got done I checked and they were all from eileen!
She sent 2 very confusing messages, and then the third one was the right one. She also said, I’m not good at texting today, end of the week, lol!
Anyway, we’ll have our session at 11:30 on Thursday morning! I am so looking forward to it!
Its kind of weird seeing her at a different time and on a different day but, its also good, as the next time I’ll see her after thursday will be the following Monday, and thats very close to thursday!
So yay! Its all good!