I have arrived in Dublin

I arrived safely in dublin. The train ride to dublin was nice. It was very busy on the train, but me and Nitro had 4 seats to ourselves, so we were able to stretch out in comfort.

Nitro was really good on the train. There wasnt a murmur out of him. He just lay down by my feet and went to sleep.

When I got off the train I took a taxi to Pats house. The driver was a foreign guy. He didn’t know where he was going, luckily he had a sat nav, he overcharged me though, he charged 37 euros for the journey when normally its only 30 euro.

Since I got here pat and me have been catching up. We had dinner also, Pat made a chicken curry, and we’ve just been sitting in the kitchen chatting.

We never did get any rain today. I thought we would. I’d say we’ll get some tonight though.

Its just so good to be here. I’m totally enjoying myself.