Christmas shopping for our friend with did!

Our best friend in colorado, her name is sarah. She has did like we do. We decided to go christmas shopping for her and her insiders on amazon at the weekend. We had such a blast. Our littles loved picking out stuff for her littles.
We got them a stuffed horse, because they love horses. We also got them a night light, that projects the moon and stars on to the ceiling.
We also got them the game called clue. We managed to get them the 1986 retro version of it.
For the adults, we got them a new external hard drive, and then we also got some cadburys chocolate for them all to share.
It was a lot of fun! And to see the kids excitement when they opened their stuffed horse yesterday, which they named big red, because the horse is red in colour.
Our friends have been really sick lately, and feeling really down, so this was a nice way to cheer them up!