so I have an exam tomorrow morning.


a cooking exam. I have to make a breakfast and a lunch from scratch.


for the breakfast I am making fresh fruit salad with natural yogurt and flax seeds. and for the lunch I am making a mixed salad with wholemeal bread.


I’m trying not to be nervous. I need to pass this in order to pass the overall module.


I also have to cook a dinner but that wont be happening for a few weeks yet.  the whole menu had to be vegetarian.


it ties in nicely with my healthy eating and weight loss!


Keep everything crossed for me that I’ll pass this! Prayers would be appreciated!

Exam this morning

i’m waiting to start an exam. Its starting in 15 minutes. I’m very nervous.
This is the only exam for this module though. Its the module on the internet that we started last week. And its a skills demo exam. We have to do things like sending email and searching for topics, thats the easy stuff.
Wish me luck. Hopefully my nerves will calm down soon. I always get anxious at exam time.


I have a theory exam this morning. I think I’m prepared. I went over everything for it and I’m pretty sure I know what I need to know. I actually haven’t been that stressed out about it which makes a change. I am trying to see it as a challenge instead of a stresser. The exam is worth 40 percent of our overall grade in the module. So if I don’t do good on it I have other parts of the module where I possibly can do better and pull my grade up a bit. I am sure I’ll do ok on it though. Staying positive…

100 days of happiness, day 7

I did my exam and I aced it! It was a spreadsheets exam and I am so pleased, I think I’ve done well on it. I learned off all the formulas the night before, and when I sat down to do the exam I was able to recall everything and didnt get anything wrong! Also my instructor gave me an early christmas present, there was an issue with the perenthisis going in to each formula and so the ansers were wrong but she checked it and told me about it so I was able to fix it so I didnt lose any marks yay!

Tuesday morning ramble

Hi everyone
I hope your all well on this damp tuesday, well its damp here, at least its not raining though! Nitro hates rain, and I hate the smell of wet dog! I’ve been awake for hours. I slept well last night after going to bed early. I eventually got up at around 4 AM because I was awake and couldnt get back to sleep so got up, made coffee and started reading blogs. I need to leave at 7:45 for college. I should probably eat something but I’m too lazy to go make myself something. Today is the last practice day before the exam tomorrow. Its an excel exam but I know most of you know that because your probably sick of me going on and on about it. I also need to work on my assignment thats due on thursday for the team working module. Thats pretty easy though its just a reflective piece that has to be 1000 words in length. I really hope tomorrows exam goes well and there wont be any surprises. My instructors said the questions on the paper are practically the same as the mock exam so that will be good. I’m also doing a project which is due for Monday, but I will hopefully have it finished on Friday. I really hope we get our christmas holidays on Friday, I have a lot to do the week leading up to christmas. My friend Rose texted me last night to tell me she has my christmas cake ready and wondering when I will collect it. I havent really been able to talk much to Rose lately due to my busy college schedule, so it will be nice to catch up. Rose is a patient of Dr. Barrys too. She has BPD and depression. I also want to go to the basement club next week, I rang Denise whose one of the staff members yesterday and she asked me to call in to see them. I used to go to the basement club on a daily basis, but then once college started I stopped. For those who arent aware the basement is the drop in centre for people with mental illnesses that I attend. Anyway I will hopefully get to go to their christmas party next week. I think too this weekend mom and my sister and I are going for a couple of drinks, just the 3 of us. My two aunts said they may go too if they arent too busy so that will be nice. My niece has her school play on Thursday, I wont be able to go though, which I am sad about. Hopefully I can buy the dvd of it.


I’m having a complete meltdown. Doing a practice run of my exam and cant seem to grasp the formulas. Feeling like I’ll fail the exam on Wednesday. Oh god I hate this feeling, part of me knows I wont fail all I have to do is think things out before answering any question. The other part of me is completely irrational and my mind is conjuring up all kinds of senarios. Sometimes I really hate my mind. No matter how much I try to learn these formulas off they just dont stick in my head. Sigh. Someone tell me it will be ok!
Carol anne