Taking the laptop to england

So I’ve had a change of heart, and I am now bringing my laptop to england with me.
Its pretty small, and so I can easily take it.
There wont be any issues. I wont be on a lot, but at least I’ll have computer access should I need it.
So never fear, I will be able to stay in touch more easily!
The thought of trying to type on a bluetooth keyboard on my phone wasnt appealing to me at all.
So I figure I’ll just take the laptop. 😀
I cant even go four days without it! 😛

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The royal wedding

so i gave in. i decided to watch the royal wedding.
mom had it on the tv so i really had no choice. well ok i had a choice, i could have walked out of the room. but anyway, i decided to watch it.
it was really good, i enjoyed the singing. the choirs that sang in it were nice.
i’d say there was a massive amount of security there though. there were over 2000 people lining the street and outside the church to watch it on a big screen.
plus then it was also shown on the tv. so really the entire world got to see harry and megan be married. i cant quite fathom that. can you imagine the whole world looking on as you got married?
i dont think i’d like that at all.
mom said the carriage they got into at the end of the church service was beautiful, a horse drawn carriage. i wonder if they showed the royal wedding in the states, since megan is from america?
I’m glad I decided to watch it though. It was very interesting.
Did you watch it? Do you have interest in the royals?
carol anne