it darina
we gotta hav pancaks
thay was so nummy
we only had lemon juise on ares
that ok tho
they wer stil nise
i likd them
it shrove tuesday
dat why we had them
everone eat pancaks on dis day
atleast that what i know
i fink we be hav them for diner tonite to
yum yum


Goals 13-02-2018

goals for today tuesday are as follows…

make my bed
brush my teeth
eat a healthy breakfast
make sure the dog is fed and has clean water
go to class, work on self advocacy module
cook a spaghetti bolognes, a healthy one
have a healthy lunch
go do my volunteering
eat a healthy dinner
do one self care activity
read for half an hour
do some meditation
exercise for 15 minutes
go to bed at a decent hour


i hate myself. i feel so fat. fat and disgusting. i want to vomit. i cant help it i just feel so gross. it will get all the badness out of me if i do it. i am black on the inside. why did carol anne let erika eat those cookies earlier? i wish she hadnt. im just obsessing over the amount of calories in them.
emily age 12

Goals 6th february 2018

hi everyone

so my goals for today…

eat brekfast, lunch and dinner, and try to make them all healthy meals
go see dr. barry
take meds
start an art project in mosaics
exercise for 15 to 20 minutes
read for an hour
write my food diary
finish writing my work experience diary
have some me time and let the littles out to play after class finishes

carol anne

Goals 2-2-2018

my goals for today Friday are…

1 shower, done

2 take meds, done

3 eat a healthy breakfast, done

4 cook vegetable soup and brown bread

5 eat a healthy lunch

6 go do my work experience at the preschool

7 eat a healthy dinner

8 read for a half hour to an hour

9 get prepared for going to Killarney tomorrow

10 Get a good nights sleep tonight