The bloom flower festival

Next Thursday I am going to a flower show in Dublin with some of the members of the basement club. We’re going for the entire day.

We’re getting the 9:30 AM train to dublin. We’ll stay all day and then we’ll get the 6 PM train home again.

I’ve never gone to this show before. Its on every year. Its on over 5 days. The reason we’re going is because the organisation that runs the basement club, shine, is having a green ribbon garden stand there, to try to get people talking about mental health.

Hopefully we’ll get nice weather on the day. I’m going to bring a nice packed lunch with me, I think most of us are bringing packed lunches, and we will eat them in the park.

Im not taking Nitro. He doesnt really do well in big crowds, and I think he’d get stressed out. So my mom and dad are going to look after him for the day.

Excited to go though. It should be a lot of fun.

i’m off out this morning, yay!

so i’m going to get out this morning, if it kills me! i have to. i have to get out of the house. its not good to stay indoors, i need to go out and socialise, meet people.
so i’m going to go to the basement club. its now 8:40, I’ll get a taxi at 9:30 and head to the basement club until about 1, then I’ll be going volunteering in the afternoon.
I slept well last night. I woke a few times, but I was able to go back to sleep again.
So I got up this morning with a smile on my face and feeling good!
I have to pay in my money today when I go to the basement club, so that I can go with the group to Dublin next week, to the bloom festival we are going next thursday!
We have a stand there, its a green ribbon garden, its a garden that we built and the idea is to start conversations about mental illness, hence the green ribbon aspect.
Looking forward to going!
Anyway. Will write more later on!
carol anne

blog share. Psy hub!

Hi. Heres a new blogger to wordpress. Their blog is awesome so go check it out!
Heres what they had to say about their blog!
Hello! I am new here 🙂
My blog is called psy hub!
Its a hub where we discuss Psychiatry and everything mental health related! Please have a look. Would love to have your feedback.

Blog share. Head squeeze

Chris is a relatively new blogger. He had this to say about his blog.
I’m trying to share my experience of my mental illness with others and raise awareness. If just one person benefits from what I write I’ll be happy.
Do pop on over to his blog and say hey!

Blog share.

I came across another new blog and another new blogger. Go on over and check out her blog, say hi, give her a follow. She is bipolar, and has clinical depression, and she is blogging about her struggles and life with these mental illnesses.

Blog share. Surviving on sertraline

hi again guys 😀
another new blog, and another new blogger, she just started her blog yesterday, the blog link is
please go on over, say hi, follow her, check out the blog. im sure she’d really love it if you did!
carol anne