Happy world mental health day!

Happy world mental health day!

I cant believe another ones rolled around already! Doesnt seem that long ago since last years one was upon us!

I was going to go to the basement club today. They are having a BBQ to celebrate. However I am not going now. I am going to the information morning though for the mental health in the community college course that is starting in january. I think its very apt that the info morning is actually happening on world mental health day.

I hope its good! I am excited to see what it is all about!

Here in ireland, there was a budget yesterday, its where our govnerment talks about how they’ll spend their funds for the next year, what they’ll invest them in etc. I was hopeful that they’d put more into mental health and services to help people with mental ill health. Unfortunately though they didnt!

Its awful that the mental health services are so under funded! How does the government expect people to cope? To live? To deal with mental illness in a constructive way? In a way that more people are abl e to talk about it, and not feel stigmatised or scared of rejection?

I urge you today on this world mental health day, that if your not ok, get help. Talk about it. Its ok not to feel ok. It is ok to ask for help. We all need it at some point in ou r lives. Its ok, honestly. Dont be afraid to ask. The help is out there.

We need to end the stigma of mental illness. We need to do it here and now!

So with that, what are you going to do to try to end stigma? Do you think having a day and week to celebrate world mental health is important? Do share in the comments!

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Mental health in the community college course

so next week on wednesday morning there is an open morning for a college course I want to do which is starting in january of next year. Its called mental health in the community. It usually costs 1000 euro to do it, but the cork city partnership, thats the organisation that runs friendly call, their running it in the community for free, since they got funding to do that. So I am going to go, and see what its all about. Im hoping I can do it! It sounds very interesting, and in my work with them, I come across a lot of people with mh issues, not to mention I also have mh issues! So I would benefit from it too! And I’d also get a qualification from it, a level 6 qualification! So I am excited to go and see what its all about! I hope I’ll learn some things. And I hope I get a place on the course!
carol anne

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#write 31 days…introducing, Amy!

Hey Everyone

I’m Amy. I am 15 years old. I am kicking off the write 31 days for the month of october. I dont write on the blog too often. So thought I’d start this and try it out and introduce myself. So here goes.

I’m a protector in our system. I’m a typical teen, fun loving, and full of mistchief.

My nickname is Amy attitude, cuz, well, I like to have attitude!

Not in a bad way though. All in good fun!

I love music. My favourite bands are evanesence, pink, and linkin park. I also love nickelback. I like to play my music really loud, and dance around in the kitchen to it.

I love kids, and I have a group of kids in our system that I am in charge of, and they are all treasures!

I love dogs, especially our cutie patooty nitro. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s such a smart and clever boy. Love him to pieces!

I’ve been here for as long as I can remember, I am not sure when I arrived, but I kinda always remember being part of our system, I guess I’m one of the originals, one of the ones whose been here since real early on.

Originally I was known as the sensible one, the one who got things done, got down to business, and I was very serious, and very boring. But over time I’ve changed some. Im not as serious now. I share the getting things done part of my job now with Carol anne, and Liz.

Like I said, I am a protector. I am tough. I dont take crap. I care deeply about my system. Sometimes I can come across as if I dont, but deep down I really do care a ton about all of them.

So thats me. Im happy to answer any questions you might have. I like making friends, and would be happy to talk to any of our fab readers.

So…until next time,
Ta ta!

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#write 31 days, our theme

For the next month we are taking part in write 31 days, a blogging event that happens each year in october.

This challenge is to write every day for 31 days, on a topic or theme of your choice.

We have chosen to do it a little differently. We are going to let some of our insiders introduce themselves and each day someone different will write a post about themselves.

We hope some of you will enjoy reading our posts and getting to meet and say hello to some of our insiders, and maybe you wont know all of them, and you might learn some stuff about some of them that you didnt know before.

I am looking forward to participating, and our first write 31 days post will be up later tonight.

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Emily, I still feel bad

it me emily
im still feeling really bad
i dont know when it will pass
my mind feels very full
i feel very scared
i still want to die
i still wish i wasnt here
i did sleep though which is good
i think sleeping helped me
thanks to everyone for all the support
your all so kind to me
i love you all your all the best friends ever
i really feel loved which helps me to keep on going
knowing there are people who care about me really helps
so thank you
im going to try to have a good day
try to do some things that will make me happy
music helped me yesterday
i listened to it for an hour or two
maybe i’ll do some art today
that might be good too
or read a book
i like the secret garden
and i like some others
so maybe i’ll read one of those
i think we are staying home today
i dont think we’re going volunteering
staying home will be good too i think
having a day of having nothing to do is nice
butterfly hugs
loves you,

Emily. Music to describe how I feel

this song it describes exactly how I feel right now. its one of my favourite songs. im listening to it over and over.
its helping me. I cant find words right now but this is exactly how I feel.

butterfly hugs
Loves you

Friendly call shift was good

I had a really great shift today on friendly call. I got here on time, wasnt sure I would but the taxi that picked me up was actually 5 minutes early.
I had a big list of people to call. I think I made around 40 calls. It was really lovely to talk to so many of our clients. They were mostly all doing good so that was nice to see. There are 3 of us making the calls today. So between all of us we’re getting them all done. I’ll be leaving soon to go to my parents. My supervisor said I could leave once I am done with my calls. My colleague trish whose usually in the office with me is gone somewhere to set up for culture night, the office here is putting on a cookery demonstration an international cookery demonstration for culture night. So I’d better get going and go pack up and get ready to leave soon.
carol anne