I’m done, I’m done!

Yaaaay! I’m done!
I got my assignment finished!
I got up early, at 6:30 and tackled it!
Now I’m done with it, and I feel elated!
So, so happy, think its time to do a happy dance! Anyone care to join in?

Now I can enjoy my week free from college work! For a little while at least!
This week in class this coming wednesday, we’ll be given our last assignment!
We finish in 5 weeks time!
Just in time for christmas!
Its wonderful to have this one finished now!
When your in the midst of it, you think you’ll never get there, but I always do!
Yay! Thanks everyone for all of the encouragement!
You’ve really helped me and inspired me!

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One liner weds, live laugh love

Live, laugh, love. Be bold, be courageous, be brave, be beautiful. Never let anyone tell you that your worthless, or that you cant, you can! You can and you will! You can achieve anything! Always remember that! Dream big, dream, always dream!