Took An extra 10 MG of haldol

I just took an extra 10 MG of haldol. I needed it so I am glad I had extra in my supply. I am debating whether I should also take a fenergan tonight, to help me try to sleep. Not sure it will make me sleep but its worth a shot.
Otherwise, I feel I am going to be awake most of the night. But, the downside to taking the fenergan is that I’ll be super groggy tomorrow morning, and I have to work tomorrow after Frances leaves.
So not sure what to do for the best!
The voices are loud, and havent quieted yet. But I only took the haldol about an hour ago. I feel like I need to give it a little more time to kick in.
I feel really low tonight. I am depressed about this lockdown, I am worried about my mom, triggered by my dad, and just in a lot of emotional pain.
I feel like I have no fight left in me!
I just feel like saying fuck it, to hell with it, and holding my hands up in defeat!
Wish someone was here to give me a big hug. I really could use one right now!