Doing therapy a little differently today

I was sick during the night, I had an asthma attack, so I was not feeling good.
So I didnt get to therapy this morning, as I had to go see the doctor to get an inhaler changed.
So I thought I just won’t have therapy again, for a second week, as Eileen was sick last week. This was crushing to me as I really need it.
But eileen is such a gem, and she came through for me. She texted me back after I’d texted her, and she said she was concerned that we’d be missing another week, so she offered me a session today at 2:30 either in person or on zoom.
I chose to do a zoom session. I don’t feel like going out, as I am still not feeling 100 percent.
But I am glad I will have therapy!
That has really made my day!