I’m such a featherbrain!

I got a taxi home from college. The driver who brought me home also brought me to college. I know him well.

We were chatting on the way home. His phone rang and he started talking to someone. We got to my house and I hopped out of the car.

He walked me into my front door. And what did I do? I forgot to pay him!

I rang the base but the base operator said he had gone on another job. And he couldn’t come back. So he got no money! I will give it to him when I next see him. But that might be a week or two from today.

God what an idiot! I was so busy chatting! It simply went out of my head, but you’d think you’d remember ya gotta pay the driver wouldn’t you?


embarrassing blind moment

so yeah. i’ve done it now. i feel so completely like an idiot. i went out into the hallways to ask if someone could walk me down to supper. one of the nurses said she would. so i continued walking ahead, chatting to her expecting her to meet me half way between the desk and the door out of the hallway. only no, thats not what happened! i only walked straight smack into a doctor. he was a medical doctor and he wasnt even from our unit. so he didnt even know me. the nurse was like sorry, she’s visually impaired. i was so embarrassed! talk about a blind moment! as we walked on the nurse said, what did i tell you about coming on to the doctors? we all had a good laugh then. she said he was rather handsome as well so that made me smile. i really get myself into crazy situations sometimes, dont i?

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